In all seriousness how is he getting away with it...

In all seriousness how is he getting away with it? People fly in from across the globe to pay top dollar for a slice of fish and a nickels worth of rice. He has his employees hoodwinked into believing they need to work for years to perfect their rice cooking.
Jiro is a pure scumbag

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>reee people spend money in ways that differ from my own!!!

Blame the clientele for falling for the hype he manufactured. At least now there is plenty of reviews that state how disappointing Jiro's $500 "experience" was.

Dude, this guy is like 85.

He don't give a fuck what some white bitch says about him on insta.

Have you ever seen a gook in action? Those motherfuckers are like insects, they have to find a single thing they can do and then do only that for the entirety of their lives so it's not that odd for them.

Fuck off with these shit threads you fucking autist. Seriously, when the rest of the world pictures a socially maladjusted, fat, smelly, unshaven, sock fucking, semen stained, cheeto-dyed OCD-driven NEET from Veeky Forums, you're exactly what they envision.

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You're worse than horse posters. Get banned already.

Actually, here's something that would make these threads more than just a fucking shit attempt at meme forcing. How about you explain WHY people voluntarily paying the going rate offends you?

Capitalism says that things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. People are willing to pay $300 to eat Jiro's sushi, so that's what it's worth. Why is that offensive? So you hate capitalism? Are you a dirty fucking commie as well as every fucking color in the autism spectrum?

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Individual bans don't do anything, what we need is a mod to range ban the cunt.

And it kills me that if he was explaining WHY he has a problem with something that has literally zero fucking impact on his sad and lonely basement life, we could actually have a discussion that might be interesting.
But I guess when reposting the same forced meme 20 times a week is the highlight of your social interaction skills, it's hard to understand why people don't engage with your posts better.

For the record I'm pretty sure this is the same guy that posts the Andy Sixx shit-eating threads on /b/.

he gets away with it because his location is in a spot where westerners would wander in so he can overcharge for the same sushi as down the road

westerners don't wander in - his place is a 2 month waiting list

people book months in advance to get fucked in the ass

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Like you with your 14" horse dildo, OP?

what’s the actual source and story behind this?

You could say the same about any celebrity chef and their simple menus

Why do you keep posting this moron sneak attack jap over and over again?
It makes no fucking sense, deal with it, you lost WW II, your stupid robot post isn't doing anything to help you build credibility.

I Dream of Sushi documentary. Real good watch, apparently, but I never watched it because the Jiro poster turned me off.

If he's so good why does he need idiots to keep posting his shit here, over and over again?

Must be some samurai sneak attack honor shit, they kind of lost it when they attacked pearl on a sneak attack Sunday. What rock did they hide that honor under? No thanks I wont patronize you.


this is the special kind of retardation that makes Veeky Forums what it is today

No we just take it over under Instruments of Surrender. Ginsu or some jap shit.

>the guy shitting on jiro 24/7 is actually shilling for him

8D intergalactic chess

Why would you buy food from a fucking zombie

Because the appeal is that they want to believe this man and his crew has perfected the craft of sushimi. His sushi, is incredibly simple, but since he's been doing it for so long and has mastered his craft, the meals are meant to be pure. People buy into the hype, because if there is a 2 month waiting list and costs $300 a visit, it has to worth it. And to the people who go, they can spare the money so if its not worth it, fuck it, we're in japan. We also have something else to talk about.

No, they hate foreigners. If you're white they may actually refuse to serve you if you don't have a Japanese person with you.


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>t. Jiro

The way I see it, there are 4 types of high end dining. 2 good, 2 bad.

>A restaurant that has a trained staff from the bus boys to the executive chef that has perfected every menu item to the highest degree and uses only the finest ingredients it can provide at the price it is worthy of being paid for
>An innovative food experience where the chefs treat the food as an art and attempt to push the limits of what the ingredients can do, utilizing much the same expertise as the above type of establishment

>Cheese ball steak houses and white napkin restaurants that serve mid-shelf brandy in water glasses and throw grocery store grade steaks under a broiler for 5 minutes and call it a day while charging you $75 because the waiters were in black tie
>Some wankers presenting peasant food as high end food by playing up the atmosphere around it and pretending like they're the ones who have cracked some forbidden code surrounding the cuisine

I feel like Jiro falls into the second of the two bad categories. He's in the same league as the people in Asheville NC who try and make people pay $40 for fried chicken because they serve it in a tin can. These dishes don't require years of training to perfect, just the right ingredients and no-how to not fuck it up completely. There isn't a single piece of sushi out there worth over $20 a piece and even then that's a little steep. Not to mention his restaurant is literally in a mall. I'm not a fan and I don't think he's some genius innovative talent.

Jiro’s abused workers are working overtime I see

Because the idea of someone paying 300$ for fish on rice is absolutely hilarious and overly retarded, as is the idea of someone paying similar amounts for extremely basic and simple food due to hype
I honestly don’t care that the capitalist system work like that, but it’s our right to free speech to ridicule them you commie faggot

You are worse than /sip/ threads.

>”I spent 1/3rd of my salary on a dying man’s fish on rice, don’t make fun of me!”

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>they hate foreigners

It's honestly just the result of bad experiences with bong tourists, and to a lesser extent 'strayans. They're the absolute worst at making any attempt at trying to understand and experience other cultures when abroad.

>American trying to act like underclass bongs travel to places like Japan

If this was a town on the med coast you’d have a point

>1/3 of your salary
You don't get shit for neetbux I see

It costs $300 to eat there but that's 1/3 of my take home in a week so...yeah

Mommy must be rich if you get that much in good boy points

welcome to japan.

he has michi-fat-boy stars, faggot

jiroposter did nothing wrong.

Ya'll need to fuck off back to rëddit


You first, inbred.


Everyone keep saying that Jiro is expensive as fuck, but how are his prices compared to the other top sushi restaurants in Tokyo?

Why does the 4th bullet have a different indentation? Also you're're gay.

>i dont hat hispanic people but...
t. 9gag

Okay, but how much is a full course?

100 bucks? 500? 1000?

If someone earns more than 200k a year spending a few hundred on a nice restaurant experience isn't really that insane, even if it is overpriced. Jiro managed to create a persona and a vision of simple food perfected. It's probably not worth the price in ingredients alone, but I'm sure making this brand has taken him his whole life and I'd say it's well earned.

I wish I was as good of a businessman as Jiro is.

Gee, what with youtubers treating it like a place to go to and make really offensive videos about, and generally how rude westerners are, I wonder why the japanese and asians in general don't like tourists.

i want to travel back in time to off the filmakers who made this documentary. this way we would never heard of this faggot