Don't mind me, just being the best Ben n Jerry's ice cream

Don't mind me, just being the best Ben n Jerry's ice cream

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That's not Dublin Mudslide, which they discontinued because they're twats.

fuck the irish

I don't purchase Ben & Jerry products because they explicitly take hard stances on controversial political subjects.


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only gays eat ben and jerry's

I don't trust a food company where one of the owners has no sense of taste.

That’s not chubby hubby

I like chunky monkey but I know I'm wrong

i used to like ben and jerry's but it just tastes 'off' to me and exists either in a state of being rock hard and impossible to eat or melted

I had Ben & Jerry's for the first time a few days ago. Got the "Urban Bourbon" flavor, it was okay. Would have been better without the chocolate chunks in it.
Wish i got the tub of cheap pistachio ice cream instead of this

>people still believe in "speaking with your dollar"
A bleak reality we all don't like to acknowledge.
It doesn't compromise your principles to enjoy the best brand of ice cream in existence.

my favorite is "coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz"

Coffee ice cream is lowkey patrician

they had a "limited batch" cannoli years ago. wish they'd fucking make that again. it was pretty good.

And its ok for other companies to put billions into funding lobbying and legislation?

Phish food is pretty good.

Still waiting for the perfect neopolitan
>Chocolate with brownies
>Vanilla with carmel
>Strawberry with shortcake

I do purchase Ben & Jerry products because they are tasty, AND because they are a bretty gud company that takes hard stances on controversial political subjects

*blocks your path*

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Ben and Jerry's is shit ice cream for manchildren who think mix-ins = quality.

Carmel cone is better

>unironically using the term "mix-ins".

>defending shit ice cream for numales and women
I'm sure they'll release a BBC flavor for you to gobble up eventually shill

The 'bun' pieces in this are awful. Maybe they were better at one point as I understand their quality has fallen off across the board in recent years, but they have this strange dense, gummy and grainy texture thats just unappealing. Ruins the entire product.
BnJs just bores me now in general. Most of their new flavors are just remixes of the same bases and low quality mixins.
I'll buy from them again when they bring back Late Night Snack.

Good goy

I really don’t care

Americone Dream is still my favorite even if I disagree with Colbert

Fuck you nigger

>buying gay kike ice cream

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I don't buy them because they charge 5 pounds for two scoops in a box, whilst I can get tescos finest vanilla ice cream, or clotted cream ice cream for 2 pounds and a weeks worth of ice cream dessert

>Not Peanut Butter World
Fuck off, faggot.

What are some redpilled ice cream brands for enlightened /pol/dditors such as ourselves?

bluebell, minus the listeria

Moose Tracks

I prefer Dubai Mudslide

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Underrated, kek.

Reminder that people only like Ben and Jerrys because they have a meme amount of flavors so one has to appeal to you at some point. Not saying its a bad thing but theres better icecream brands for stuff like vanilla or chocolate.

I like Chunky Munky

I dunno brehs.

In the last two months, I've been finding ice cream way too fucking sweet.
>what kind of feel is this?

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have you cut back on sugary foods at all in the last few months? whenever i go off sugar for a while, then try something sweet, i tend to have lost the taste for it

2 scoops?


Because it is sweet on the level of good goy.

solid work user

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too bad ben&jerry's is shit, way too sweet

this but i cant deny that it does end up being good

its good in the same way a blizzard or a mcflurry is good. i'm eating fucking ice cream, i dont need it to be top of the line shit. i just need it to taste good.

Best flavor