Water fasting gone shit

I was fasting since monday 8pm till wednesday 4am because I felt like I need to puke my stomach out for 2 hours in bed (you know the feeling, shortly before you decide that puking is the far beter option, despite hating it). But due to only drinking water nothing came out. So I thought fuck it, I can't even stand right now, and have eaten a piece of cheesecake for some quick energy.

Well, at least I could puke 10 minutes later. 2 hourse later I'm all good again.

So where did I fuck up? I fasted before for 3 days, without any problems for some autophagy and HGH boost. I drank my 2 liters of water with a bit of salt and thin herbal tea.

Any ideas what might have triggered it or how to prevent it next time?

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I'm gonna assume you arnt fasting for religious reasons.

Fasting does not help you lose weight. Period.
Regular eating schedules makes your metabolism regular.
When yo dumbass fast, your body goes into a state kinda like all the homedawgs in Auschwitz and tries to conserve energy to survive. Meaning the next time you eat, your body is gonna try extra hard to convert that into storage. Fat. For future energy.

Do yourself a favor if you're trying to lose weight and have breakfast lunch and dinner at appropriate times and not snack whenever you feel munchies

Sometimes it happens, and it completely natural. It's an occasional effect of ketosis

I'm not fasting for weight loos. I'm already ideal weight and healthy. I do it for other health benefits like said, autophagy and human growth hormon peak after 24h.

Thanks for replying but you obviously don't know what I'm talking about. Fasting isn't unhealthy and humans evolved to deal productively with such states. If we would al just go Auschwitz after a couple days of not eating, the human species would have not survived that long.

This guy is right

Hm, I felt like dying before puking, never had that before. Do you think starting my fast with a massive protein feast the day before might have been the mistake?


>>how do i prevent this?
stop fasting. even doctors have said its not good for you or your body.

fasting is only a fad like the idioic no fap movement.

you may as well just live under a rock.

My very first water fast I went ten days and felt amazing, stopped because coworkers wanted to take me out and that's a rare enough thing that I didn't look like a dick. My second time, by the third day I had a massive headache, was incredibly lethargic, and gushed thin liquid vomit into the tub. Didn't really do anything differently that I'm aware of. Like you, I felt better very quickly after breaking fast, except didn't vomit afterward (possibly because I already had). I have made it a regular thing since and have had more good experiences than bad - the only thing I've changed is that I try to load up a bit on fruits and greens the last day before the fast. Also, I don't really try to push through feeling like shit anymore.
Basically my best advice is, push through the initial hunger, don't push through the feeling like shit.

>fasting is a fad
>no fap is a fad
It's like you peope don't even read into any topic before swallowing the stupid like ambrosia.

Nausea is a very common side effect of not having proper electrolytes.

You had salt, that's great, you need potassium as well. 4500 mg of potassium is the max daily allowance. Take that (you can get it in "No Salt") with 2000 mg of sodium that you mix in 1 liter of water. Drink 1 liter of plain water besides that.

Be careful of herbal teas. If they have even a little bit of dehydrated fruits in them, they will break your fast and spike your blood glucose level, causing you to crave more sugar and give you a headache.

Good luck.

Yes, go to the /fast/ general on Veeky Forums, or the Snake Diet channel on YouTube. If you're going on a long fast you generally want to eat relatively light the day before you fast, tapering yourself on lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and broth.

When breaking a fast, DO NOT eat heavy afterward. Follow the same steady procedure or else you WILL VOMIT. You can eat heavy a day or two after you break it if you want, but not immediately before or after.

Welcome to the Ascended, my brother...

Thanks. Hunger isn't really a problem thanks to only ghrelin expression in the evenings due to daily intermitten fasting. It also tends to fade quickly. I guess, I'll eat some healthy stuff today and try getting a it more in before trying it out later again.

Good to know that it's nothing bad.

Thanks, I'll check if I can get it today anywhere near, or I 'll wait with the next one.

I drank pure fennel/anis tea for comfort, should be fine. I even thought that I might have gotten some kind of food poisonong from it or alergic reaction as it happend 4-6 hourse afterwards.

only stupid one is YOU. you are going to die of starvation.

i REALLY dont give any fucks about your stupid ass...

everytime you vomit thats your stomach lining comming up whatevers in your gut comming back up. thought you would like to know that
>>enjoy your miserable existance while still have it

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Thnks, I'll check it out. And yeah, the cake was the only think I could reach sitting on the ground to not black out the moment I stand up. Otherwise I would have made myself some brooth.

Imagine getting that angry at someone healthy and fit with due to an ill informed mindset. It's sad really. I hope you get better.

I'm I've been doing this for 4 months and only vomited once. I've lost weight and feel significantly more energetic.
Of course, I don't tell my friends and coworkers my eating habits because they would think I'm insane. But it's working for me.

I don't know about you OP but when I whenever i fast I still take multivitamins and probiotics in pill form. If it's just water it might be bad for you.

I've been intermitten fasing for easily 8 years, objectively healthier and more mentally sharp than those getting their 3-4 meals a day beeing useless for 2 hourse later.

But I too learned to not tell people which aren't asking. They all just reply with the sme old mantra about muh starvation mode and muscles consumption. God forbid they would actually think about the human biochemistry or evolutionary history.

What pills would you suggest? Most I could get are mixed with maltose and aspartame or other shit which will get an insulin response.

Not everything is about weight loss you fucking cuck. And stop giving stupid advices if you don't know what you're talking about.

>starvation mode
>not eating doesn't help
>your body knows better

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Apple cider vinegar with mother right before a fast is absurdly good for you. It basically replaces all of your gut flora with fresh healthy bacteria.


>replacing all the gut bacteria
Firstly, I do not thing that any aci can pass the stomach and keep its properties and secondly I would need some science on it beeing good to exchange your gutmicrobia which is pretty much the worst shit you can do. Don't disrupt your gut if it's not fucked up in the first place.

Fennel and anis tea are fine. Basically, any tea that has 0 calories is fine, as is black coffee.

Sometimes you just have to listen to your body during a fast and break it. There's a difference between feeling hungry (which you can deal with) and feeling like absolute shit.

Starvation mode only occurs when you are dangerously underweight
Stupid fatass

Sounds like a great way to get a C. Diff infection.

Every single thing you posted is objectively wrong.

Fasting is incredibly useful for weight loss and your metabolism is determined by the amount you eat (except when in a fasted state, as your body switches to using an internal source of energy entirely and it stays relatively consistently high).

Starvation mode is a myth during a fasted state and when refeeding, you do not know anything about nutrition.