Fat is flavor!!!

>Fat is flavor!!!

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But it is you mongoloid

No but going to extreme measures to remove fat removes flavor

That is an accurate statement OP.

OP can't cook

Name one savory food that isn't made better by adding butter.

Peanuts. Instant ramen. Camembert cheese. Pickles. Olives.

this picture isnt even right

Peanuts have quite a lot of fat in them, and ramen is made better with animal fats from making quality broth, in particular chicken and pork fat.

OP is right, fat is the negro of macronutrients

Faggot i finish my bowls of ramen with half a pat of butter so my broth is delicious and slurpable faggot

Fat has flavor.

Cool but specifically said "butter"

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would make more sense for this meme

>Things are true if I post them with a stupid wojack
You're fucking gay

>t. mad fatty

I love this meme, easiest bait, quality content, just great

Me too my dude

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Faggot I eat the noodles out then pour that gay broth shit right down the drain.

fat carries flavor