ITT: Foods/drinks you like but can't find anymore

ITT: Foods/drinks you like but can't find anymore

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McDonald's still has za at the Orlando location and a couple others

I used to enjoy a little binge of late night Veeky Forums, but now it seems like it's been ruined by /b/ tier faggotry.

*blocks your path*

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Its pretty easy to get in Western Australia m8

One thing I used to love was the Birds Eye Creamed Peas with Potatoes.

It was so easy and convenient that I'd eat it with my meal maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

I haven't seen it in years, now. Fortunately, it's not that difficult to cook from scratch.

>the orlando location
come on, there has to be at least six.

You should go see what /b/ tier is actually like nowadays.

huh? Is a /b/ tier meme

These fucking things. Used to skip lunch and buy a tin almost everyday after school. Wish I knew these would sell for 500$ in the future

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the one he's referring to is the biggest either in the country or the world so that's why he probably singled it out as "the" orlando location.

little ceasars,loved it when i was a kid,moved to southamerica,cant eat it anymore

huh? would be a good meme if it was a /b/ meme. they haven't had anything that good in years

and before you cu/ck/s give me shit about how its poor people pizza you dont know how its like here

>1/2 the time it has a cheap dough at the base
>pound of cheese melted on top
>barely any sauce if any at all
>toppings are sardines,tomato and thats it
>always put a single whole olive on every slice even if you ask them not to
>no garlic sticks,just empanadas

What, exactly, is /b/ tier about this thread? I would imagine you are from redit and will sperg out at being challenged, but feel free to prove me wrong and actually answer my question.

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fucking niggers coons take it away

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Mah nigga

that symbology is a tad fucked up

guacamole doritos
it's made even worse because it was probably dropped due to rising avocado prices

Also blue chips

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Pork cracklings in packages. For a while, when i was in Canterbury, England i did found them like candies at cheap prices in stores, but they don't sell them where i live (a shitty corner of northern Pastaland) and i've never managed to replicate them correctly ever since i came back.
I know it's better this way because they're cholesterol incarnate, but damn they were tasty.



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loved this stuff

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rip in peace

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Hit me right in the feels

There was a McDonald's pizza in Victoria, Canada when I visited like 20 years ago. I bet it's still there.

Also, pic related for me.

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I dobt think we have it anywhere in Canada anymore.

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Go to a latino aisle

Where’s the into the trash edit of this that I made?

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Is keylime pie any good?
please burgers, I am but a humble yuro and have always wanted to know what the fuck keylime pie tastes like

I live in San Antonio, every aisle is a Latino aisle

>500$ in the future
woah, what the fuck? i remember these too

nigga these things are on amazon

Were exactly in South America?
Because there's an LC in Santiago, Chile.

Dollar Tree used to have these, for only a dollar. There was a breakfast version too, but I couldn't find a picture.

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I guarantee you my grandma still has one in her freezer. You can have it if you want.

There's one offer for $200.

>circa 2015

It's the only fast food I crave - and I only indulge once every 3-4 months - but this really brings me back to that post college span where I had a few bucks to throw around and was saving like a jew for the shitty road ahead of me.

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I know your comment is 5 hours old but yes, it is delicious.

Thanks to that dick, Oliver

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Sprite. Ice.

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symbolism you mong