ITT: foods that look cheap and shit but are actually patrician choices

ITT: foods that look cheap and shit but are actually patrician choices

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>It's hard to broil or griddle a patty and put it on a bun so I'll microwave a patty.
You deserve your disgusting patty. Buy some good buns and some good meat and freeze them for fuck sakes. It shouldn't take you but 6 minutes to make a fresh cheeseburger with all the fixings.

>assuming i'm buying the microwave patty because broiling my own one is hard

mate rustlers tastes better than anything

I've eaten nothing but these and Cheerios for 3 weeks now. I just don't get tired of the tastes of either of them.

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>it's hard to bake your own buns so I'll just but some
You deserve your disguising stale store bought bun. Buy some flour and make your own. It only takes 15 minutes of work plus some time for rising for fuck sake.

I can't for the life of me stomach these things even though they taste good.

>implying the average american worker has the mentality or the energy to do this

Sorry, American is not my native tongue, can someone explain who this patricia is?

>UK food
>microwaved hamburgers popular on leddit
No point in even attacking this food. It insults itself.

I'm not risking being sent to detroit no matter how good Rustlers may be.

wait never been to reddit, do they actually like rustlers?

Google "rustlers burger reddit". This is the first time I've seen rustlers here. There are pages and pages and pages of it there.

And yeah, I won't touch that site.

>This is the first time I've seen rustlers here
>And yeah, I won't touch that site.


>Action packed trip to detroit
what did they mean by this?

>Getting rustled by Rustlers

Kroger's line of mustards

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>not making your own mustard
you deserve your shitty store-bought horseradish mustard


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Two things that no self respecting human being should ever buy or eat!



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>he doesn't make his own chow mein with homemade sriracha sauce from his own garden
Enjoy your shitty store bought chow mein you disgusting animal

the only time anyone would eat these is if they're in the middle of a long road trip and need to stop for gas and want to get something fast and cheap to stave off their appetite.

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