For me, it's Secret aardvark

For me, it's Secret aardvark.
The Best Hot Sauce

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habaneros are tasty as fuck, never had the sauce though. Do they sell it in the USA?

No, but if you search around you can find internet stores that will ship to the US from France.

>Reddit memes on Veeky Forums
This is a new low....

>secret aardvark

Anyone who's ever lived in PDX has been posting SA in hot sauce threads since the beginning of Veeky Forums, newfag.

>For me, it's the...

apparently started on reddit. I thought it got meme'd here when a guy got banned for posting a picture of one in reply to a "best sandwiches" thread

>mcchicken posting is apparently a reddit meme

Knowing that honestly doesn't make it any bit more cancerous, because that's not possible.

memes are inherent to our society. Beyond it all he was using the meme to talk about hotsauce, so I asked where to buy the hotsauce.
>inb4 aardvark company is using memes to sell its product

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>reposts the latest ‘ebin’ Reddit meme on Veeky Forums
>gets called out

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Found the tasteless fag.

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what's up with the aardvark shilling ?



What do you guys actually put hot sauce on?

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eggy bois and sammies

I bet they taste 1000 times better that way.

For me, It's Encona.

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fried chicken
asian stir fry
totinos pizza rolls
pizza crust
bad pizza (redundant, see totinos)
eggs, sometimes
mac and cheese
french fries
fried catfish


>totinos pizza rolls
>already molten lava hot on the inside
>make it even hotter
Are you ok?