Are meal replacements financially viable...

Are meal replacements financially viable? Wouldn't it be cheaper to get a couple of meals out of some decent ingredients from the farmer's market and cheap cuts at the butchers?

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They are not financially viable. It’s cheaper than going to an overpriced coffee shop and getting avocado toast, but like overpriced avocado toast, it’s a statement of ones lifestyle. They don’t care about being frivolous as long as people know how modern they are.

Why would anyone pose like that? What did he hope to convey?

Anyway, yes. Of course that would be cheaper. Meal replacements are financially viable if you can afford it, but they're a long way from being the most economical choice.

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Start eating raw Semen.
Some of them are financially viable but are generally lacking in calories and satiating capabilities. You're better off just drinking a protein shake with a multi-vitamin and fiber drink.

I hope all the retards that "eat" soylent get colon cancer someday.

It's for techies, we have more money than we know what to do with.

>It's for techies, we have more money than we know what to do with.
Sillcon valley is full of retards so it doesn't surprise me you would fall for the soylent meme.


He’s larping

>based "huh?" poster

Y'know I didn't GET this whole thing until this post and now I'm just- I mean, thank you. Just from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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I can't even remember what it's like to get excited about things. Have I ever been like that, even as a child? I don't know.

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...why is he so excited about an industrial process? Putting milk in a bottle is the same damn thing.

have you watched the whole webm? its not just that he is excited about.... skip to 23 seconds in..........

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explains the SOYFACE and low T epidemic

>Some of them are financially viable but are generally lacking in calories and satiating capabilities
The DIY Soylent fulfills all of these.
On top of that most of them don't actually have soy in them, the one I tried used masa harina as the main source of calories.

He's speaking from personal experience I take it?

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It's called whey and skim milk and it costs $20 for a month's worth.

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"Techie" here. Most of us arent trendy retards. What sucks is that the ones that are have a massive social media presence.

>meal replacements
>the meal you consume instead of the meal you normally consume

What retard logic is this? Do you want a real meal replacement, OP? Try, "water fasting" and GTFO.

>loling too hard to report

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Depends on how much you make per hour and oopportunity cost.
If it takes about an hour more to prepare and eat your food per day instead of drinking soylent and you have a 3000 calorie per day diet, it costs about $20 per day to buy soylent.

If you make over $20 per hour you save opportunity costs by drinking soyleny.
This estimate is very cost convervative and you likelysave much more

>Are meal replacements financially viable

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get rid of the beard and boost T levels

Kinda will be surprised if Silicon Valley show doesn't mention raw water soon.

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