Using a microwave

>using a microwave

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>yfw americans unironically dont own electric kettles and use microwaves to boil water

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its an american thing

who is this foxy dimon!

>i don't value my time at all

Because more efficient use of electricity is bad?

Could you upload some of these webms in a gif thread kind user? I seriously regret not saving these last time I saw them.

its how i reheat my soup

>using electricity for boiling water

Look who Im quoting.
Personally I just put a pot on my fireplace for about half the year. Microwave for a small patch. A stove for anything bigger when aforementioned fireplace isnt running.

>tfw foxy di will never do a DP scene

Microwaves have their uses.

Ugh. Og say eat raw bear meat. Og no long nose tribe. Long nose use fai-uh. Cave Gods say fai-uh bad. Og father father no use fai-uh. Why Og use?

i dont know that microwave model
that's reasonable and respectable
im not sure you can make comments about energy efficiency and use a fireplace. (Sorry if conflating two anons)
it's really not that bad. makes sense for some things.

electrical kettle is almost the same, and induction even faster.

took me a moment, thanks for the smile

>hello user, can you share us that microwave brownie recipe for us?

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Americans don't drink tea because we aren't low test like the "men" of your second world country.

>im not sure you can make comments about energy efficiency and use a fireplace.

Woods free for me. Theres nothing more efficient than free.

No probs sweetie, just put that phone down and sign this non-disclosure form, heh, don't bother reading it, toots. Now hop in my van and we'll go "bake" those delicious brownies.

who is girl?

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Sure, but not with that tranny on the left..

>reddit spaces
>pretends to understand efficiency
You're conflating cost and energy efficiency because your parents weren't smart either.

Foxy Di, pornstar. 10/10 would eat pussy

>would eat pussy
that's pretty beta bruh

like insects drawn to a flame. the asshurt is unreal

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>apple device
>reddit tier meme image
>non-white writing style
>under 25 years of age, so not an adult

>he doesn't know how to or what he should cook in the microwve.

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>He doesn't microwave water

>he forgot what a coffee maker does

Don't care, would still do it

fair enough

I use my microwave as a lazy way of steaming vegetables.

Who is the girl?

That's a woman.

coffee maker makes tea and hot water?
Fucking burgers are so retarded

Electric kettles are shit on 120v 10A circuits.
That said I boil water on my gas stove.

kuso thread, i will bump it

Go to /hc/ and everyone will tell you the answer

>water boils in microwave faster than even the higher amperage bong kettles
Yeah, and?

HUH HUH HUH what are you, REEEtarded?

Dunning-Kruger enabled pedantry at its finest.
He said it's more electrically efficient. How much electricity does a fire use, fuckwit?

I hope this is bait. I don't, but you certainly can. Might have a taste of coffee to it if the machine has seen lots of use, though. I pop mint tea bags in my kuerig throughout the day when I'm sick.

>wanting to eat a pornstar’s pussy
enjoy your thrush and throat cancer you cuck

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cant you?

Most americunts who drink tea on a regular basis own kettles. But not as many americans drink tea as bongs because we have coffee unlike you faggots

>Not cooking with natural gas

>dirtying dishes to make popcorn

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enjoy cancer and autoimmune diseases you dumb ignorant goym.
>inb4 hurr tin foil
slowly kill yourself and your children then, see if i care, be a good goy.

Who is this brapslut?

> yfw UK grids can't hardly handle fucking tea kettles.

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Or you can just boil water on the stove.

>Bongs drink powdered fucking coffee they stir into hot eater
Could you even imagine? Barbarity.

Fuck you, I've been drinking.