What is your opinion on Scandinavian salt licorice?

what is your opinion on Scandinavian salt licorice?

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This is Swedish, right?

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I like it a lot, but I get the feeling it might be very harmful to my health if I ate it often. So it's a rare treat.

Not good.

I love black licorice. Don't like that ammonia stuff.

I'll stick to American candy like twizzlers, vines, good n plenty, etc. But I wish the licorice flavor was stronger.

That looks like charcoal

It's better than Dutch salt licorice, but not as good as some of the stuff that comes from Iceland.

Yeah our salt licorice isn't that great. Sweet can be okay at times.

i think your charcoal might be sick

What is Oldtimers or Klene

salzige heringe is super good
and djunglevräl from sweden

I crave it once in awhile but can only eat like, two pieces at a time


Is this taken with an electron microscope?

why does it look like haribo cola?

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tastes gross but the smell reminds me of my first crush

I like it. But then again, I’m Scandinavian.

licorice is best candy

looks like giant bacteria

Licorice is amazing, being Dutch I like the Dutch style but this in the picture is probably just as tasty.

I prefer sweet liquorice

Is this what scandishits actually eat?

Klene is pretty okay but I think Oldtimers is kind of overrated desu.

It's ok, not too fond of soft licorice though, I prefer some of their hard licorice with menthol.

for something that tastes like shit I'll sure eat a whole bag

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Oh well you ended my cravings

It really sucks because I love the flavor too, and not even anise is a safe substitute as it is estrogenic

Just stop worrying about stupid meme arguments against enjoying things.
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Maybe licorice makes you retarded too.

m9 its the new england journal of medicine, it is the opposite of obscurer.

You better not eat anything ever then, or you may get cancer.

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>eating candy

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>criticizing anyone for anything when you actually save and repost images like that

At least I will enjoy things in life

It's great but then again im from Scandi-area so...
Doesnt it mostly act as a laxative if you eat too much?
I cant think how one would eat much of that stuff in one sitting enough to be actually harmful anyway, it's not like the Merican candy that tastes nothing but sweet with artificial tastening-thingies that you can gob down by the pounds and still feel unsatisfied.

This attitude is how we as a society became 75% overweight or obese, it needs to be eradicated.

dont mind me, just Posting pictures of the greatest licorice ever made

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>not Sisu
What are you? A weak faggot or just a typical Swede?

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>When it clearly says Gifu

fite me fjeldabe

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actually wrong

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You first, mister no fun allowed

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I wish i could have a whole box of these and enough self-control to avoid eating them all, would be great to just pop one in the mornings to really wake up.

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No one has that much self-control

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Is tar common at all as a flavor outside of Funland in Scandi countries?

I love it, the smell, the taste, even on sodas it's fucking great!

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Bonus info: there was much debate in my country when they removed certain shapes resembling african tribal masks, from this bag

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Not in Denmark as far as i know, but i have no clue regarding the other countries

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wouldn't say common, but you'll find terva leijona in sweden

t. soyboy

I like it. The only types of liquorice I don't like are shit-tier Australian liquorice and plastic American liquorice.


No it’s finnish.

Know to lower testosterone levels. I see what kind of people Veeky Forums is composed of and why they get triggered by the soyboy meme

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It's great if you want to destroy your brain, due to the fact it contains lead. It really shouldn't be eaten.


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Now THIS requires self-control.


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Who invented this?

Anglos did

It's Ye Olde Fonte, you dolt.

Seriously what the fuck is their problem?

The circles with the small blue balls are pretty much the only good candies in that trash.

>not inhaling 25kg bags of pure, industry grade ammonium chloride.

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Ammonium Chloride is literally the best thing to ever grace this Earth. Like manna from the Heavens, it keeps me going through the endless nightmare that is life. It sustains me, gives me strength, fills me with joy and determination to keep going and reach new heights. I cannot comprehend how one could endure to live on this horrid planet without the salty goodness that is salmiakki. Were it not blasphemy, I'd fall to my knees and worship the divine treat as my new patron deity, and devote my entire life to spreading the joyous message of God King NH4Cl.

I dunno user, I'm pretty fond of the orange ones myself
they're sweets for children, they don't have to be good, just full of sugar

>Nobody posts the snails

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if these things werent so fucking big they'd be much much easier to eat

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Candy kino.

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