I'm black, and I am an extremely rich person through my success in the art world (my net worth is $2.3 million dollars)...

I'm black, and I am an extremely rich person through my success in the art world (my net worth is $2.3 million dollars), thing is, I have a difficult time assimilating into upscale restaurants.

I seem to not belong, like the waiters sense I'm new money or out of the hood and immediately sit me in the corner that no one can see me. One even seated me by the bathroom, and I stood and I said I'd like to seat by the window, please. The other customers always sneer in my direction. Thing is I'm richer and more successful than most people who dine in those restaurants, so it upsets me that they think they're better than me. I dress really nicely. I place on the proper amounts of cologne so do not emit an offensive odor, and I try to make small talk. Yet still I get the sense from them that I should never step foot within their establishment again. The only reason I can think of is that it's because I go to restaurants alone. Something like Red Robin though, I feel like I'm genuinely welcome, like order old clam chowder and get made a freshly whipped batch. Do you think it's because I'm going to those fancy places alone?

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Think it's because you're a homosexual, art-sama.

Yeah man. Bring some of dem sweet honies wit you when you hit dem places, dog. You get in real good then.

>I'm black

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>2.3 million
>Extremely rich


>I'm black
Unironically found your problem lad.

Mang put on dem chainz u kno what am i saying dawg flash dat gold nigga. Dont let those punk ass whitey boys show you no respect dawg yo yo put a piece in your waist to show those bitches you mean bussines yu kno what am i sayin

That is bordering on incoherent. You might be disappointed but I find that gangland thing abhorrent. I am a civilized and classy person who happens to be black.

>modern artist
just wear a turtleneck and glasses and act pretentious
you will fit in fine

hello is this the n word RP thread I'd like to register my character named Black Mannington he is black and that's okay

its because you're a worthless nigger
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OK kiddo. First, you need to be 18 to post here. Second, next time you let this bullshit fall out of your mouth, say 23 million. 2.3 is not extremely rich. And you might not blow your age because it won't be quite as obvious that you have fucking 0 life experience.

Damn dawg those whiteys messed with yo head mang, you can scape the hood but the hood cant escape from you dawg Dont let those white crackaz show you no respect nigga

2.3 mill puts you in the 99.9999 % do you mean to deny this?

good call

Guys, abandon thread. the whole thing is a sham, it's just to bait nerds into saying "nigger"

You have to wave your money around until you're shown how much of a slut those places are for your well earned green. They're usually very impolite until you pay a buffer of some sorts to have them acknowledge that you're not some class act trying to feel good but you will be regularly pumping big money into their establishment. Next time one of those pompous waiters seats you somewhere you don't want wave a 20 or 100 and say excuse me but if you do that again I'll talk to your manager and see it you are dealt with. Money is king and they're merely servants in a restaurant. Use your power or be handled like regular swine who dine

>extremely rich person
>(my net worth is $2.3 million dollars)

for a nigger sure

Probably because you're black and, since you're new money, don't know etiquette.

I suggest you start finding a coach to help you improve your table manners and show up with white friends.

you're supposed to bathe, not just squirt on cologne to cover your smell


You're supposed to always dine out with a white male.

So glad that my Middle Eastern guy friend can pass as a honkie if he keeps his beard short.

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