Oh me oh my, doesn't my pizza look great? Which side would you rather have a slice from?

Oh me oh my, doesn't my pizza look great? Which side would you rather have a slice from?

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They're all the same

Why do all pizzas come with a small table with it?

its to prevent the top of the box from smooshing the pizza, if you were to put another pizza on top of it.

Wow, that looks terrible.

first top left, then bottom right, kino slices

man i love jets

prevent top of pizza from sticking to the box

Top, bin the bottom.

That's a normal sized table, but an American sized pizza


What constitutes top/bottom? Is it Crust vs sauce, cheese, and toppings, or cheese and toppings vs sauce and crust?


The boxes are corrugated. I don't think that would happen.

fuck off

In order: 1 2 A 5 B E
Then refridgerate the rest and eat at random (cold) over the next two to three days.

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this but unautistically

Looks like half meat lovers, half Hawaiian.
I like both but I'd probably go a slice of Hawaiian first.


Couldn't have put it better myself

Mate, fatty would be eating the whole thing and having a side order of wings and curly fries

trust me... i know...

bottom right corner plz and ty


It looks raw, under cooked and absolutely shocking. Quite frankly it's an embarrassment, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I mean honestly, I wouldn't even serve it to my dog. It's garbage, it's trash. It's fucking abysmal. Is that really the best you can do? Is that the kind of quality you're aiming for? Really? I don't know why you even post here. Why do you even bother. You might as well give up. Though based on this monstrosity, you've already given up, haven't you? What is it, are you depressed? Are you done? Just look at the pepperoni, it's not even cooked. The raw fucking pineapples. They're not even sliced properly. I mean come on, you know this. You know this isn't good. Yet here you are, posting this shit again. Have you even looked at the crust? Or the cheese? I mean, what is that? They're snow fucking white. The dough has barely been cooked. Did you even put it in the oven? Did you forget to turn it on? It's just sad. This isn't a fucking pizza, it's a travesty. An absolute shambles. I don't know what else to say. It's just not good enough. Throw it in the fucking bin, and just stop. You can't cook. You're useless. Utterly useless.

>you can’t cook
>takeaway pizza

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>It looks raw, under cooked and absolutely shocking.

That's just what high grade mozzarella looks like, I know you're used to the cheap kind that turns radioactive orange when it's cooked sweetums

kino post



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Quality post

>It's better because it's burnt and has less cheese!


*tips fedora*

Don't forget your 3 wilted and burnt basil leaves. That'll be €34.50 but hey no tip necessary!

One from each side. My gf got me into hawaiian pizza.

This never gets old. So funny!

Not the only hawaiian she’s into bud

Bottom half pls

Gotta have an excuse to use even more plastic!

bread isn't pastry tho. and a pie is made with pastry.

Reported again.

Says the person who posts that picture over and over again, trying to make it a meme


So you're more qualified than the box scientists who came with the Pizza Box Stack? Fuck, everyone's expert these days.

it's more from the steam and heat. detroit style deep dish retains a lot of heat, and the top of the box softens and can cave, even with a small pizza.

but new york makes pizza that looks like the bottom. neopolitan is the retard-tier pizza, where you just stir around the center like a soup and eat it inside-out.

Jets is disgusting. Delete this.

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Obviously it does happen you stupid cunt

I'd like to work at the little plastic table factory

Bottom right is shit tier

Looks pretty darn good. I would go with a slice of the top one.

How about mine? Which slice would you go for?

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>pineapple on pizza

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it's tradition

Chicago style is the most autistic way to cut a pizza, anyone who prefers it needs to be gassed

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that's Detroit, you fucking idiot.

I personally would rather have some 'go 'za

Oh that looks good
I'd have to take 2, there's no way I can choose

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>go za
you would rather have cum. not surprising seeing your speech pattern.

This is autism if I ever saw it.

thanx for the diagnosis, doc. can i get my neetbux now?

Top, anchovies are gross.