Post food kino

Post food kino

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back to with you

Underage please leave.

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Not sure if you’re aware but there’s currently a thread on /b/ where they're trying to raid Veeky Forums and fill the entire catalog with pizza images.
I have no idea of the reason why.

Actually didn't know that. huh.

why the poor people pizza?

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Americans don’t have high quality ingredients I guess.
OPs pic is from some American gluten free website.
Poor snowflakes.

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Fuck off back to /tv/, nigger.

No wonder Veeky Forums is infested with /pol/ bullcrap.

>uneven distribution of cheese and spices
Proof that Americans improve every food from inferior countries.

Might want to google that image you dumb fuck.
Pro tip: it’s American.

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"Protip" is one word here, outsider. We also stopped using reaction images almost a decade ago. We also don't like mobile posters here, especially ones who use faggy apple devices made for low IQ consumers. Also, that style of pizza is obviously an imitation of traditional italian poor "people" food instead of superior American style food.

Glad I could educate you on all these subjects, little kid under the age of 25.

>eleven lines of buttblasted fury
>Reddit spacing

>the faggot born in the internet age can't into paragraphs
This is why no one will ever respect your illiterate generation.

>We also stopped using reaction images almost a decade ago
Clearly you don’t come here very often.

Paragraphs are indented you mong

>whiteknihghting for another man
Sit down, gay boy.
Try using tab to indent, retard. Then try ending sentences with punctuation. You're basically a negro at this point.

please don’t feed the troll

Muh sekret animu club

>the reddit refugee who jacks of to diversity quotas thinks he can shame an oldfag for gatekeeping, a time honored Veeky Forums tradition
You really need to be lurking instead of posting. You've completely failed to assimilate, cancerboy. I realize you think you're getting one over and and some point you were going to write "umad" because you don't understand trolling, but give it up. You've been shown for what you are: An unwelcome outsider who belongs on facebook.

It doesn't seem any worse than usual. It's weird to think that there was once a time when /b/ raids were noticeable.

I like it here.
Think I’ll stay.
Nothing you can do about either.

>Nothing you can do about either.
Confirmed baby of the family who is impotent irl and was bullied. Thanks for that psychological nugget. It was fun unpacking it.

You’d know all about unpacking nuggets you fucking homo.

Homos pack nuggets, dunce. You seriously can't get anything right. I know it's hard but try thinking for once in your life.

Reddit must leave now.