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>praise native americans for using every part of the buffalo
>"ewwww anal glands are icky"

uh, there's a big difference between knowingly eating all of the animal and having anus juice in your strawberry icecream

Explain this big difference. I don't see it.

KNOWINGLY eating something
UNKNOWINGLY eating something




Why do you need to know? So you can be a whiny bitch about it?

Well.... it is natural.

Fuck off God

According to Google this used to be true but they stopped doing it decades ago because its too expensive

>stop telling me whats in my food please so i can stop enjoying things

vegans are fucking retarded
"beaver anus gland" would not be worth the cost to put in icecream

Its like the anti smoking campaigns
>Look, this is cat pee and dog poo
>This is whats in a cigarette!
>Omg really?
>No, but compounds found in cat pee are also found in cigarettes
>Except American spirits. Those actually contain poopoo


As a furry, this gets me hard.

>2.6 million lbs of vanilla a year
>300 lbs of beaver glands
So you mean to tell me there is a .00015% chance that the vanilla in my vanilla flavored thing is actually some animal part that tastes like vanilla? Well that tears it, no more vanilla for me ever

probably the first beaver OP would ever taste to be honest with y'all

But I do know. And Im fine with it.

>implying it takes 1lb of beaver anus to make 1lb of vanilla
baka 2bh tard

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80% sure its typical bullshit
strawberry, raspberry and banana are the simplest esters and easily synthesized with cheap alcohols hence its mass popularity as flavours being both cheap and ridiculously abundant. A company specifically targeting a "natural flavor" label will already be spending quite a bit of money compared to using artificial flavourings that it becomes cheaper to just be using actual fruit.
I dont know anything about vanilla.

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literally who fucking cares
oh no anus extract!

Upton Sinclair is rolling in his grave

Based Viper poster

Great thread. It's almost as good as when I made the exact same point yesterday.

>anus glands that have been processed and refined beyond recognition in food processing environments that have to meet food handling regulations
God forbid anyone tell OP how we used to make sausages.

if it's good, what's wrong with it?

>not making your own sausages