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Cutting up an entire animal leg is a pretty fucking normal occurrence in a restaurant that serves meat dude


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Chances are that's how the restaurant advertises itself. Kind of like how Chinese meat markets hang duxk in the window.

So why the fuck does the article make it sound like the chef went out of his way to offend a bunch of plant eaters?

passive aggressiveness is alive and well in canada. either go outside and use that boning knife on the retards or stay in the back and ignore them.

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>passive aggressiveness
I think you're blaming the wrong party for that

their meat sounds more ethical than places serving shit tier factory raised beef and chicken

They should slaughter an animal right in front of them. And laugh at their angry tears.

See you in the dist, kiddo

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doesn't seem like that big of a deal, and definitely not worth writing a "news" story about

There’s too much bad news in the media. Short stories about local heroes help remind us about what’s good in the world.

>stand outside restaurant screaming
>cheff tries his best to ignore me and keep working
>oh my god he just cut meat infront of me, he did it on purpose, this is rape

Nah man, I know this place, he would normally do his butchering in the back but this time he decided to fuck with the protesters and get some free publicity.

That chef is definitely a shit lord.

>tfw to smart and non-conforming to be a vegetarian

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>Chances are that's how the restaurant advertises itself. Kind of like how Chinese meat markets hang duxk in the window.

Dirty fucking Chinks, Spicks Niggers, and native americans are all ass backwards cultures that have not evolved some type of vegan or vegetarian diet.

Empathy and caring for animals takes a higher level of brain function and evolution as a society. This is literally proof why some races are superior to others.

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Probably still triggered the whiny little shits.
Good for him.

>Empathy and caring for animals takes a higher level of brain function and evolution as a society

How about Hindu Indians then?

>look up restaurant out of curiosity
>it's some pretentious shithole in Toronto with muh plating and food served on wooden boards decorated with animal bones
Color me shocked. I'd go there but fuck Toronto

Hindus aren't naturally empathetic. They're brainwashed retards who think a cow is their fucking grandpa, and that's the only reason they don't eat them.

They don't have natural empathy for animals & lower life forms. They only fear they are eating other humans and don't want to be eaten themselves when they reincarnate as a fucking cow.

Those dumb hindu savages only avoid eating cow. They still murder plenty of animals for food. Chickens, sheep, goats, etc. etc. They are still ass backwards carnis.

>>"i am too into my own feelings of hatred and bigotry to know what i'm talking about"

R u an sjw? Lol

>Those dumb hindu savages only avoid eating cow. They still murder plenty of animals for food. Chickens, sheep, goats, etc. etc.

This is true. Very few Hindus are full vegetarians, and even less are vegans. Mudering cows = evil, but murdering goats = perfectly fine. What an ass backwards religion...

I'm pretty sure you can't sell game in canada
weird that the game meat he sells is also the stuff they farm... oh well


>passive aggressiveness
>go to meat restaurant
>watch and film meat
fuck off, fanatic.

He also cooked some of that deer and ate it in front of the protesters.

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Omg ENTIRE animal leg not just PART of it?
O M G I'm clicking on this link there's no way I don't read it

>very few Hindus are vegetarian
You're talking out your ass, it's extremely common in India.

43% of religious Hindus are vegetarian, 28% of non-religious Hindus, and about 30% of the entire population.

Are you just copying and pasting all your replies from the last thread you did this in?

The protesters admitted that they targeted small businesses in town because it was easier to get away with. Please tell me how these people were not being passive aggressive?

I'm not surprised.
One obviously makes you more 'special' in society than the other does.
I used to be very excited about the erosion of old conformation-based institutions like church and family roles, but now I've realized that it has only led to people finding identity and 'purpose' in stupid shit like sexuality, race, and even fucking diet.

Maybe you are straight and white and so you feel there's nothing to benefit? Or you are not straight or otherwise have a hidden minority group identification that you feel is suppressed still by societal norms but is taboo to even discuss?

I'm gay and I'm worlds happier that I can marry and hire a surrogate or adopt in many developed countries now, and that I won't go to jail if they catch me having sex with another man and I probably won't be beaten in many places anymore (still of course they exist!) if I hold hands with someone of the same sex in a public place.

i just became a vegan. for breakfast i had a kale shake. for lunch i had a roasted veggie medley salad, fruit cup. for dinner i'm having garlic lemon green beans, pan fried new potatoes with rosemary and then a pan-seared lambchop

And for dessert you'll have a bullet.

I pray someday people learn what passive aggression is

I don't see how it's passive when you're carting out a large chunk of meat to carve in front of your vegan protesters, cooking it and eating it. Seems rather not-passive overall. He wasn't making snide comments or anything.

neither is passive aggression passive aggressive&

what the protesters did is called, "being fucking cowards" in modern parlance

Are vegans really that retarded that they're protesting outside a restaurant that serves game?

>reasons why people actually hate gay LGBLT's

Only poor people and the hyper religious minorities in India don't eat meat. They are a bit hypocritical that way.

That seems like a pretty reasonable place for them to protest.
What's more cowardly, protesting to try to stop something you disagree with, or sitting behind your keyboard calling protestors names

The owner was more of a coward than they were because he was afraid to confront them face to face. He hid behind a window on private property where they weren't able to go.

I'm a massive faggot and can't agree more. I wish we could go back to the good old days when fucking other men was just something you did, not who you were.

Maybe he didn't want to tell others how to live their lives?

Fucking based

to be a vegan, you must work from a baseline of cowardice. i should know, i'm vegan. i mean, my friends are cowards, but i'm not. i eaet pan-seared lambchops so i'm not pussy. it's ok because i'm vegan. do you see?

What kind of result are they looking for? The whole country to be vegan? The meat at that restaurant probably comes from a reputable source. I'm sure they can find an actual immoral business to be pissed off at.



i'm vegan but i eat meat
it's ok though
becuase i'm vegan
do you see?

are you me

literally all vegans eat meat

protesting is for people that are too useless to change their environment & who blame it on whatever minority group they found gives them an edge to subscribe to
it's not a reasonable place for them to protest. you argue like a woman. are you a woman? here's an idea. let's say you don't like deforestation. so you go protest on forestry land the day clear cutting has been slated to begin. you sit in the middle like a petulant child & say you don't LIKE what's going on, they should STOP. you will be carted off by police who have real work to do & with tears in your eyes you will watch the mighty giants of the forest fall anyway. you COULD have done something else, but because you have no idea what your local government is & you're also a phenomenally unintelligent human being, you think that you fucking matter when in fact you are one of the least profitable things to have ever been spat out by this earth.
you conflate bravery with stupidity because your role models are hazy at best. being too unintelligent to comprehend futility is not bravery, the opposite of cowardice, it is being a dumbass. these people were slated to accomplish nothing & when that happened, they act like it's an injustice.
it's how the world works. when you put in as much effort as a screaming child, you get an equal reciprocation of results back.
and while we're on the subject of idiots, don't act like bringing up the character of the people you're arguing with is an effective point. we're not talking about these people. when you learn to make effective points, you'll see great results in your ability to change minds. "lmao they're braver than YOU" is not a valid point in this discussion. this is what I meant when I said you argue like a woman. get better at bringing up actual real points.
protesters are too stupid to see the futility of throwing a tantrum & the harm they may put themselves in. that's not bravery.

also I fucked your mother

Yeah, no, that's not a sign of living in a civilized country. It's a sign of living in a fast decline to eating your own shit in public
No wonder all these freaks started coming out of the closet lately, I like dressing my little boy in girls clothes and taking pictures, I buy dog lingerie and lick peanut butter out of my bitchs pussy, im into disease, I only have sex with sick people
This is all on you

No, I'm much better.

If you think it's fun or funny to "trigger" people who are trying to disrupt the status quo, you're a fucking idiot.

Even if what they're trying to change doesn't need to be changed, sucking the cock of the everyday order of things makes you a retarded cuckold to authority.

good b8 m8

Those protestors wouldn't mind if the owners were bankrupt, meat had a insane tax, and murder was criminalized. Attacking a small business owner is not fighting the man.

he serious
reddit spacing

human brain could not have evolved without meat
there is no status quo, vegans are just ignorant sheep
end of discussion, please do not attempt again

They were protesting outside his restaurant. How exactly is he the asshole here, you little wannabe fascist?

Kek. What is it like to be a literal vagina?

>What's more cowardly, protesting to try to stop something you disagree with, or sitting behind your keyboard calling protestors names
The protesters admitted that they were targeting small, locally-owned businesses because it "looked better" for their movement than attacking larger restaurants/franchises. These people are fucking cowards.

Reminder than the Clontarf is not a lobster habitat and these retards probably caused the animals to die slowly.
I made a point of eating there when I went to Dublin the following Summer. It was good. There was no lobster on the menu.

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Right, but that's obviously not going to happen. Ever. People love meat.
So why even react to what a few retards are doing? Meat-eaters have won and will continue to win. Why are they so bothered by what other people want to do?

>status quo
>attacking a restaurant just because they aren't towing your vegan line
Get fucked.

>attacking a restaurant
Did they burn it down? Or just stand outside of it communicating what they believe? If it was something you happened to believe, you'd see nothing wrong with it. Don't be so childish.


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there's people shouting outside the restaurant & yelling at customers you fucking ape
see above
yelling like a child is not communication & kills business

The owner stood inside his own property and communicated what he believed. Don't be so childish.

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He was extraordinary restrained while dealing with people that were attacking his business

And they believe it's a business that should be killed. And the guy found a way to turn it around by getting some more publicity for his place. What's the issue here?

In terms of the meat vs. no-meat conflict, scoring a victory for the side that's already winning by an overwhelming margin is nothing to cheer about.
In terms of the business owner vs. people who want to fuck him up, the guy won in the end.

The point of a protest and picket line is economic terrorism.

where do you live where murder isn't criminalized? africa?

>>attacking a restaurant just because they aren't towing your vegan line

> Killing innocent animals just because you like the taste of meat.

Yeah. I'd much rather burn a shithole down than be a MURDERER.

I absolutely agree. He did nothing wrong and neither did they. This is what the civil exchange of ideas looks like.

My qualm is with the people who sit around stroking their penis when they read this sort of story and celebrate how TRIGGERED THE VEGANS AND LIBERALS ARE LMAO

Who cares?

Meat is murder you fool

Why do gays need rights or more than basic human rights?

How's life in Saudi Arabia? lol

them being outsmarted doesn't mean they're not a pestilence
winning the war doesn't mean the other side wasn't fighting you

>retarded faggot
it is impossible to murder anything other than humans.

>The point of a protest and picket line is economic terrorism.

You know what's actually "terrorism?"
MURDERING innocent animals for your enjoyment.

but who does it murder?

this has to be b8
i don't believe people like this come to Veeky Forums
i believe you're looking for /pol/ jidf

or /lgbt/

wtf? i love vegans now!

Source is jana Cristofano, some vegan cookbook writer or some shit.

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Fuck off carni shitskin savage.

all of the ecosystem is guilty now according to you
now's when you say muh muh meat industry is the real point
now's when I say I only eat free range or stuff my friends raise when I buy in half a cow
now's when you say the industry should still be dismantled
now's when I say there's a million things that need to be taken care of & i'm going to focus on human lives
you types are all such boring humans
hapless, simple sheep

ginger milkers

the animals
your dog, cat, whatever non-human animal you love. If someone killed it and ate it, you'd be angry.

>drinking wine
but muh yeast

>racist vegan
one of a kind, you are special

i'd be angry because someone damaged my property, not because it is murder.

>implying veganism wouldn't improve/save lives
It's shitty african countries that can only raise cows but not any sort of produce that will never rise above being shitty african countries.

wow v. edgy