Cooking Oil

What cooking oil does Veeky Forums use?

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clarified butter, grapeseed oil, and olive oil. Or sometimes just regular butter

Always olive oil. Never use anything else.

Which makes me think, are there any foods that taste better if fried in butter rather than olive oil?


Depends on the purpose.

My mom and Dad gets cases of imported olive oil from palestine and gives it to the family tree including me

Shits pretty good, but sometimes I need to use mazolla corn oil

canola haven't found anything better.

Truffle oil

Olive oil or butter


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Butter or olive oil.

I'd use goose fat if I could get it.

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Many olive oils on the market are reportedly much cheaper oils falsely advertised as olive oil.

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changes depending on what i cook but generally just canola

When I was a chef we used grapeseed oil in our fryers.


I like peanut oil for things.

I call bullshit on that, a professional kitchen can't afford to use grapeseed oil because of the expense.

Depends what i'm cooking.

Canola oil and olive oil are my primary oils

But butter and Ghee are commonly used when i cook as well for when I want a fat, but don't want an oil.


Sesame oil as a finish for some things, but nobody in their right mind would cook anything in sesame oil.

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It was a high priced french bistro. the average ticket for a two top was $130

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Was it in France? That doesn't seem like something that they would do. I'm just wondering. What place?

Scrambled eggs in butter, every time. I always use olive oil except for popcorn, canola oil will go to a higher temperature without smoking.

Hamburgers, steaks, fish, ... .

There are even restaurants that cook chicken fried steaks in butter! I've eaten at one such restaurant but I don't remember what I ate there.



olive oil, butter, lard

you dont need anything else

Everything does, but it has a low burning point so not really good for frying with and probably unhealthier or something

hitler is correct

for higher heat butter applications, use Ghee.
Great for sauteeing.