Why is Redbull so small and more expensive than other energy drinks?

Why is Redbull so small and more expensive than other energy drinks?
is it because it's better?

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brand recognition

because its food stamps bait. make it small and expensive so poor people use their gov money on it.

Because Monster (the only real competitor) tastes like liquid cotton candy, it's repulsive

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formula one teams are expensive

>he doesn't know about Monster with real peach and goji bery juices in it
peasant cuck, it's delicious, i'm having one right now

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>cotton candy tastes good right?

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>he only drinks the original green
>he doesnt know about dozens other flavors
>unlike shitbull who makes the same shit taste since 1998
inb4 it has green red editions
>those are hard to find and only now got made coz monster started stealing their customers

>he doesnt like blueberry red bull

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energy drinks all have such acquired and even mood-dependent tastes you shouldn't be listening to anyone's opinion about it

yeah but why is it more expensive when it has less caffeine and other supplements?

Monster has blueberry too, with more stuff in it, why particularly redbull?

because monster tastes like candy
i dont want candy, i want something tangy and a bit sweet

Not an argument when there are tea, juice and sugar free flavors.

So why?
I hope you won't bail on me now and run like a bitch.

>"why dont you X"
>give reason
>"no thats not good enough, why dont you X"

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so you admit it's just your biased, marketing influenced opinion based from lack of knowledge about other options?

i'm just trying to understand the psychology.

>marketing affects taste buds
Monster employee, please depart

you're just using misdirection and avoidance now, because you lost.
i'm done with you.

Redbull also has blueberry?? They actually have a pretty good range of flavors. Tangerine and tropical are the best tho.

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I'm not the other guy, but holy fuck, school must have been hell for you.
Or maybe it still is?

it was, but not for the reason you think it was.

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meh...smaller can, less ingredients, smaller dick, more expensive for cucks.

i'll pass.

red bull is more Veeky Forums

Anyone who actually wants energy drinks the 240mg caffeine rockstars or drinks the big cans of starbucks double shot espresso.

T. Wakes up at 5:30 every morning with less than 6 hours of sleep usually

Mfw blue thunder is better than both monster and yourwifesbull

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same goes to cigs.
>tfw no sips
>tfw newfag on Veeky Forums