German "food"

German "food"

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is good


Pic in OP is actually quite tasty, and I'm not even German

You honestly call this food? This is a fucking joke. Its absolutely disgusting and makes me seriously ill. I mean just fucking look at it. Would you serious consider fucking eating this? It looks like something that would come from my fucking ass after eating nothing but Taco Bell for the last 24 hours. How can people unironically defend this? You eat with your eyes first and this made me sick to my fucking stomach. I mean what the fuck are those chunks? How do people fucking unironically eat this? Jesus Christ may god help us all.


I haven't tasted that, but traditional german food is god tier and probably best in whole world, at least in europe

>Would you serious consider fucking eating this?

Yes but then I'm not a sad manchild.

I'm a German and I would never eat that.


Go eat a dick OP, Zungenwurst is great. GOAT when you can get a handmade one.

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I‘m a german and I would eat that.

Not saying I wouldn't eat it, but that cross section looks oddly pornographic.

But that looks fucking good, what's wrong with you?

Fucking nigger slice OPEN

> zungenwurst-tongue-sausage
nothing wrong with a tasty german 'ge. the best 'ge i've ever tasted was a 'n 'ge.

While eating that shit do you folk goosestep to Merkel while letting in islamics over nazi guilt?

Yeah sure Achmed

I see nothing wrong with this. Sounds delicious

Still has better ingredients than the unhealthy shit amerifats eat.

but it's made from beef isn't it

Looks like itd be good on a sandwich. I've eaten cheap hotdogs, after all.

We get the best and worst of the world, to be fair. No one makes you buy the cheese whiz next to three aisles of real cheese.

definitly. just blood, meat, bacon and some spices.
we once bought american beef jerky, imported it, and this shit had 50 volume percent of sugar or hfcs or whatever they call their juice they get feed on from birth.
FUCKING SWEAT TASTING beef treats. Disgusting. We wanted meat taste. because, lets face it, traditional ( insofar it even exists) american barbeque and some other stuff they do with meat is simply great.
I really want to do a road trip all over the country and just feast on mom`n`pop barbeque or even fastfood joints. Problem is i am afraid of dying on spontaneous diebeeetuus.


Looks tasty

I see 2 fits bro

what's the casing? bladder?

There are a lot of bbq styles that don't rely on overly sweetened sauces. Memphis probably has the sweetest with KC a close second, although a famous joint in KC, Arthur Bryant's uses a paprika, vinegar mustard sauce that's goat and it's not uncommon in memphis for people to order dry w/o sauce. Texas faggots frown on sauce and the carolinas use a more vinegar based sauce. You should be more worried about getting randomly shot than getting beetus but you can always wear body armor like most of us do.

>a tablespoon is 50%
Stop making up stories, obsessed one. Even Thai beef jerky has sugar in it, and not all US jerky does.

Looks gross but probably tastes 'aight. German food can be really patrician.