Hate barbecue sauce with a passion

>hate barbecue sauce with a passion
>wouldn't so much as touch it
>won't even eat barbecue flavoured chips
Everyone thinks I'm weird because of this. I can't be the only one that hates this disgusting shit right?

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you are correct.

"barbecue sauce" is a meme.

barbecue is a method of preparation, not a sauce. barbecue is covered with a dry rub, not a sauce.


a lot of barbecue is prepared with sauce desu senpai, you kind of sound like you dont know what barbecue is

if you only eat mass produced bottled brown corn syrup then I could understand why you feel that way. But actual bbq sauce is good

All bbq sauce tastes like ass.

>barbecue is a method of preparation, not a sauce
This is fucking retarded, because while you're technically right, barbeque sauce is a thing that's separate from the cooking technique.



fake cheap ass barbecue ripoff.



Sweet baby rays is mostly corn syrup, of course it is disgusting. Making your own sauce isn't even hard, and you can adjust the flavor as you like it.

I just used that as an example. All bbq sauce, even homemade, tastes disgusting desu

Is it just that you hate the flavor of smoke?

You obviously have never tried my yummy homemade BBQ sauce.

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Sounds like you've convinced yourself that no matter how it tastes you hate it if the word barbecue is mentioned in the same conversation as it.

not as good as the hot and fresh bbq sauce served at a bbq restaurant

very good

you just need to try pic related

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Try Bullseye.

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I don't think you're weird, people have preferences.

I personally don't use it on much of anything at all unless I make ribs, which is incredibly rare.

don't know about you guys, but when i make bbq i just use straight ketchup. i thought that's what everyone did. it's red.


>american barbecues