Blowhards will hate on this

blowhards will hate on this

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>hate on this
*hate this

blowing pretty hard over there, huh?

No I won't. I consider cheap pizza as a different food item than fancy pizza. Each has its' own time and place.

Not really.
I just find whites using Ebonics embarrassing.

i respect that

>blowhard is Ebonics

not the guy you're replying to, but i think he was talking about "hate on X" rather than "Hate X". that's ebonics

to hate != to hate on

just totally different connotations
i can see taking issue with white ppl using AAVE but that's a more widespread colloquialism that is certainly distinct from just hating. seems like it's blowing a bit after all.

You basically have to be human garbage to dip pizza in anything but blue cheese.

>dipping pizza

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>some dips are okay but others aren't
utter bullshit

next thing you got thousand island dressing on your spaghetti,.

>reaction images after 2010
>can't figure out how to write like a white adult
Looks like my point stands, subhumans.

Some people will call your opinion wrong, but I know that blue cheese dressing on a pizza is fucking awesome.


aaaaand he just goes full neo-nazi

what a fucking moron

Female brain detected. Single mommy really messed you up, kid.

>greasy as fuck cheese bread
>dip in even more grease

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>He uses greasy sauces
Well there's your problem, user.

damn dude nothing ITT implied that but you just went all out as a racist. seems like you're projecting and pretty pathetic.

you deserve to dip whatever you want into whichever condiment you want, because that's likely the highlight of most of ur days

good luck, loser

>reddit spacing
Post not read.

what a cuck lol

Looks like we found the little kid who got here less than 3 years ago.

You're right: but that's only because I'd rather have the non-obese adult pizza option

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Adults end sentences with punctuation. Rethink your post.

What's that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of you drowning in your own neck fat

I noticed that you failed to do the white thing and correct your behavior. As such, I didn't read you post. Try harder, Jamal.

This thread is fucking gay.

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it's coming for you, losers!

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This. The kind of super crappy pizza in OP pic is the kind of pizza meant for dipping in some trashy sauce. Because it's total junk food to begin with. It does not deserve the reverence some folks have toward good pizza.

Mudshark ITT

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mandee raises a good question

I didn't hate on it when it started, but now that people put ranch on *literally fucking anything* it does strike me that it should've been killed in the cradle.


Food isn't for obese people only

she looks like she's pushing her mid 40s

>subhuman automatically means /pol/
How new are you? I've called people that don't like a movie I do subhumans.
If he said degenerates at least you'd halfway have a point.

holy shit
>defending bullshit nazi shit
>invoking /pol/
you know exactly where you belong yourself, don't be a smartass about it lol.
and don't defend saying that shit, just knock it off. 'the fuck's your damage?

No, but greasy pepperoni-only pizza with ranch goddamn dressing is

Ranch dressing is disgusting but you don't need to be obese or overweight to eat it. Get a grip faggot.

the majority of it is

I had a cheap digiorno pizza once. Had ranch for wings. I was drunk so some ranch got on my slice.

I ate it and loved it. I actively avoid it now because it's so good I can't trust myself to not get fatter downing slices covered in ranch.

Sure thing nazi.

I think it's ok to dislike things.

very good

Do La Creaturas really do this?