Oklahoma Style Burgers

I made them Veeky Forums and they're fucking delicious and super easy to make.

Ate them in the traditional, onion, pickle and mustard version.

Wholeheartedly recommend them

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Why can't you cook the patties and onions separately?
>inb4 huh?

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what is it?

So, you sear the patties and then let them cook on onions? Sounds delicious. Are the patties special too or your standard goto type?

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Let's talk about noodling instead

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The onions are smashed into the patty while cooking. They did this during the depression to stretch meat out further. People still like them though.

It must smell awesome too. Thanks for the info

Smushing hamburgers while cooking them is the sign of ignorance.

the steam from the onions partially cooks the burgers and infuses them with (TON)s of flavor.

though where i come from, they're just called sliders. and they're smaller than your palm - given you're not a tiny-handed manchild.

In Mississippi they mixed in grits with the meat to make it stream. I present the slug burger.

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Okay. I looked it up on the internet. You don't smush the hamburgers while cooking, you have the onions pretty much already cooked and then drop the hamburger as a ball of meat on top of the onion and then press down. It is important to do the smushing only within the first ten seconds or so.

Your posts are a sign of ignorance

It looks like it's almost paste.

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This is probably the only way I will ever like grits.

I feel like this burger would be ruined if the onions are cut too thick. They definitely need to be super thin like that one video said.

Where I am from, a slider is just a regular cheeseburger that is small

you could have looked it up at your local library

Its never enough with you dad.

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What manner of flyover sorcery is this?

I actually remember looking this shit up. Popular slider places like White Castle don't do it, but places in New Jersey do it


tfw I recently moved out of MS and can't find anything even close to this unless I make it myself

to make it myself I have to special order grits because people in the north don't know what a fucking grit even is

Surprisingly tasty. Made with beef and pork commonly so it does have a light color. A nice crunchy outside tho

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I'm with this guy.

Those are fritters, heavy on the meat.

>tfw not smooshing them one time
>ended up with a hamburger that looked like a tennis ball and shot hot juice 4 feet across the room when prodded

We know what grits are, but we just don't get why you faggots obsess over flavorless mush. Grits are literally prison-tier food.
>but all muh grit recipes
A lot of recipes call for flour, but that doesn't mean flour is delicious itself.

You do if it's on a solid surface, or you get a soggy bun and a shit sear.

>he said between mouthfuls of unbuttered quinoa

>Popular slider places like White Castle don't do it
yes, they do. they steam the meat/buns on a bed of onions

>I don't get why you people obsess over things that we obsess over you obsessing over

Looks like a homeless person had a shit with a bad case of tapeworms.

why does your patty have parasites in them?

Have you children never fried onions?

>the Midwest in charge of doing anything right
Those look fucking horrendous

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Those are onions, Muhammad.

this is probably the most cancerous post on all of Veeky Forums right now


>onions are supposed to look like tapeworms
What third world shit hole do you live in?

It's the way they're cut. youtu.be/vovHn6qTt4Q?t=1m33s

I had no idea you could put grits in them. A local place here in Nashville sells a “slug burger” but they use pork and soy meal. I feel like there’s some historical basis for the use of soy because they’re from an area where people grow a lot of soybeans, but that seems a lot less appetizing as a filler than grits.

The only way you could look it up at my local library is on their internet connection.


> (You)
> (You)
>>tfw not smooshing them one time
>>ended up with a hamburger that looked like a tennis ball and shot hot juice 4 feet across the room when prodded

Perhaps you should let the hamburger rest on paper or cloth towels before eating it. I usually let mine rest about 5 minutes -- long enough to wash the pan and cooking utensils.

Also, it it looks like a tennis ball, then it was probably already bulging when you starting cooking it. If this presents a problem for you, try intending each side before you cook it.

Soy grits. It's a thing.

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