Tfw fell for the cast iron meme

>tfw fell for the cast iron meme

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>*uses cast iron*

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Did you buy an actual old one that you have to do shit to to restore it?
Fuckin waste of time. If you want cast iron just get a new lodge and treat it properly, it takes no time at all and is easy.

This. if you must have your smooth surface you can take sandpaper to it.

>all this work for a cooking device that can be easily replace with a frying pan

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fuck buying new cast iron
if you buy new, buy carbon steel
fuck off frogposter

post boipussi user :3

>easily replace with a frying pan
enjoy denting it into an unusable mess after you use it for self-defense, panlet

>Preheat oven to 350
>Coat pan with vegetable oil
>Bake in oven for 1 hour
Holy fuck that's it that's all the work rewured to season a cast iron literally same amount of work as baking an unseasoned no prepwork roast.

cast iron is great
>mom calls my cast iron the "antifeminist pan" (maybe doesn't translate well) because she can't lift it
just remember to reseason it every now and then. Some people think you should just season it once and then leave it forever but cooking with all that carbonized shit on it can get frustrating



shouldn't have carbonized shit on it desu senpai

I never got this meme. Why would you need a cast iron pan instead of a normal one?

s e a s o n i n g

You don't. This meme is linked with the steak meme.

Blasting the pan from OP's pic with a sandblaster until it is totally clean would be the most satisfying thing ever. Or with one of those cleaning lasers. Just the sounnd of those gets me hard.

Higher thermal coefficient is better for things that need to absorb high heat faster. It's not for everything. It is for some things. If you do those things and want to minimize the number of pans you have, it also does most other things well.

That thing is fucked, it needs to be sandblasted. Then seasoned. It's cast iron nothing is gonna hurt it.

Nice frogposter green texter, you say stupid shit but offer no alternitves. How typical of your types.

Are you greentexter faggots bots?

My mom wields fuck huge cast irons better than me, but can't open a pickle jar half the time. It some magic shit, I'm convinced.

Torque look into it.

>veg oil
canola works better
but I agree, maintaining cast iron is fucking simple and no other pan comes close getting that majestic perfect sear on a steak.

>he doesn’t cook his steak over charcoal
I’m all for cast iron, but I would never cook a steak in a pan.

Who the fuck are you?

Don't ever reply to me again, piece of shit.

No? I find merit in both. Charcoal does add a great flavor - and if you're using lump wood charcoal, you can actually cook a steak directly on it, no grill required. But I do like the pan method too, plus you can butter-baste after the flip, then while the steak rests, make a pan sauce or do some mushrooms in the brown butter and steak juices. Deglaze with some sherry...fuck, that's tasty.


I'd like to add that I'm only talking about SEARING in a pan. I'd never cook a steak from raw to finish in one.

you're not me. I am me.

>over charcoal
>not in actual coals
laffin at you, nancyboy

Just get an enamel covered cast iron pan, bro. It's better in every way.

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you didn't brine it often enough. wipe it over with salt water after use.

Even a high school girl knew this.
Webm related.

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That's a ton of fucking work when you're comparing it to a regular pan that you literally do nothing to upkeep.

they're good for grilling but a normal pan is just easier for everything.

I abuse my cast iron pan daily and it still looks great. The one you posted looks like its been sitting in the ditch for a year.

t. Redneck fudd hick

>only rednecks bbq over charcoal
You probably microwave tendies and have never paid for a steak in your life.

>extra virgin olive oil

>t. assblasted trailer trash with a tiny slab of concrete on the back of his rented singlewide.

gas is vastly superior, wannabe

You've been using Dawn dishwashing detergent or the equivalent. The grease-removing properties destroys the seasoning. First, go by the dollar store and get some of that cheap-ass dishwashing detergent, the bigger bottle the better. Only use this for cleaning your cast iron. It's the same cheap-ass stuff your mom and grandmother used, Dawn came out about 1978 or so, and it worked for previous generations.

Next, get some of those scouring pads, not like Brillo pads which are steel wool with the funky blue soap embedded in them, but the stuff that looks like curly copper or steel strings with no soap in them. Use these only for cleaning your cast iron.

There's plenty of advice on how to cook unseasoned cast iron. Follow their advice.

After using your cast iron to cook food, wash as normal with cheap-ass soap and curly copper/steel pads, dry it thoroughly, put a thin coat of oil on it, and then put it back on the stove for three or four minutes on medium heat; let the whole iron pan get warmed up, but remove it from the burner before it starts to smoke. Your seasoning will last for years. The important thing is to get rid of every bit of moisture and leave a thin sheen of oil on the pan. I store mine in the oven.

Oh, and this pan is too far gone to just clean, it will have to be re-stripped and re-seasoned. I like to use an electric drill with a 3M stripping wheel:

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I forgot the pic.

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Even tho you aren’t remotely close, it’s still preferable to renting a broom closet for $2800 a month.
That’s like saying “why would I want to make soup in a rich broth when I can just toss meat and vegetables in water!”

When every single soup you make has to be in the same broth it gets old fast. Charcoal is fine now and then but you have a lot more control over the flavor when it doesn't come from your heat source

An hour of work every so often (depending on how well you keep the seasoning up), but you don't have to worry about nonstick coating peeling into your food.

An hour of work is still more than five minutes washing it then sticking it in a dish washer.

I've got an enamel pan but food still sticks to it like magnet. Do I have to season enamel coated pans as well?


I just use a stainless steel pan. Better than cast iron for 99% of things.

Iron is best for searing meat though, I'll admit. But stainless steel allows you to make a sauce out of the burned bits.

I use iron for stuff like skirt steak and stuff where I marinade the meat. that way I'm not really losing the au juice and I benefit from the extra heat for moist sear.

>Better than cast iron for 99% of things.
This is utter bullshit.

So what you’re saying is you have never cooked over charcoal.

you can deglaze with cast iron as well. A small amount of acidity isn't going to kill the seasoning

True. SS is better for 100% for everything, and I'm not even that guy.

CI is a raught.

>you can deglaze with cast iron as well
loving every laugh

Why would you put him of all people over the flag? Is it because musket balls are like shot put balls?

>Doesn't pour gasoline on his steak and light it on fire for exactly 8 seconds before punching the fire out.

I bet you also eat your steaks well done you fucking bitch-fiddle.

I eat my steaks medium rare, the way steaks are meant to be eaten. Salt and pepper on room temp steak, grill over charcoal, rub with butter or garlic butter just before it’s finished.

Son. Throw that coal bullshit away and get yourself a real grill. But yes, fuck frying pans.

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enamel cast iron is only good for dutch ovens, they cannot develop a non-stick surface.

This is what I bought. So it looks like the enamel is just the outside and I still have to season the inside.

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Pls don't laugh I'm new to this.

It's okay user, it was just a jape

The inside is enamel, it's just black enamel.

"The pan doesn't have to be oiled and is easy to maintain thanks to the matte enameled interior."

Food will stick to enamel and develop into a nice fond. Use a pan like that when you want to cook or sear something and then make a sauce with the sticky bits.

lolno you can't, unless you want the flavors of everything from the seasoning seeping into your sauce

no it's not. Maybe we have different diets, or you just enjoy using iron for objectively suboptimal applications.

i can use sunflower oil to season right?

I have only ever used charcoal when eating by myself or with family, actually. My friends use gas and the food they grill for me is vastly superior. I do enjoy the smoked chip infused charcoals on the market though.

Cool. Stuff still does stick to it but it comes off with some scrubbing. I wonder if it's possible to eventually scrape the enamel layer off?

Literally as easy as using premade cookie dough and you can use any kind of utensils instead of silicone and wood

If your friends cook better food on a gas grill than you do on charcoal, that just means you’re a really really awful cook.

Chicken dinner lmao

just go with stainless steel mongoloid
cast iron takes to long to heat(and cool off), its unnecessary heavy, and is prone to breaking if you were to let it fall one day.

stainless steel does what cast iron does but better, and if you know how to cook you can do it without making things stick

teflon is retard tier
ceramic looks promising at first but it erodes really fast 1/10 would not recommend

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So how do I season one? Just sprinkle some salt and pepper on it?

Rub it down with salt water after each use.

Copper outside stainless steel inside.
90-10% mix.
This is what peak performance looks like.

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The sidewalls are as thin as the wires on that wire whisk. If you can't afford a properly constructed copper pan, just stick to aluminum.

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do you enjoy that grey goop the meat is coveted in after coming out in a pan?

>le so cool to sound extreme xD
you’re worthless