I need to stay very thin for my work. I'm at a little less than 140lbs at 5'10''...

I need to stay very thin for my work. I'm at a little less than 140lbs at 5'10''. Achieved this by eating like an oriental and basically just cutting out sugar, easy. But damn do I fucking miss cereal... And milk... My favorite food and drink. Can you get away with eating meme cereal like Kashi? The type that advertises as healthy? Without porking up? It wouldn't take to much to ruin things for me I imagine.

Exercise to offset the calories is a no go for me. I have to go purely on diet.

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you can literally stay thin eating anything you want if you keep track of your calories


Just starve yourself male-model user. When you get really hungry, just do a bump of meth or coke. That is the traditional model diet.
You're welcome.

>140lbs at 5'10''

bruh, do you have aids?

yes my work is in aids

The chocolate Kashi cereal is like fucking crack I can easily down a whole box a night.

I think it has decent macros alot of sugar but also some protein idk

Yep. I'm taller than OP but weigh about the same, and it takes very little effort. I eat a whole Little C's every week, and usually at least one other high calorie meal. But a lot of my meals are "clean" meaning lots of low-calorie filler (greens, veggies).

I don't have to avoid any particular food or count calories.

Have you tried almond milk? It's really good tbqh, and no sugar.

Kashi overrated as FUCK dude. Its macros are like identical to frosted mini wheats, and they have like no sugarless options.

If you wanna stay skeleton thin, eat unfrosted mini wheats with soy milk.

>Exercise to offset the calories is a no-go for me. I have to go purely on diet.
Please explain, what is your work, and why can you not exercise?

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He's a cat burglar, needs to be thin enough to move through vents/chimneys.

>I need to stay very thin for my work

Are you a woman or a twink?

How does he get out of the house with all the cats?

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Op here. I got the cinnamon go lean crunch and went to town today... Fuck it I haven't felt full in ages... I'm gonna make myself pay for this tomorrow though.

Ty for the almond milk suggestion... I'll get that instead of regular milk from now on when I do get milk.

Noted about the mini wheats

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I get to lead a middle class lifestyle too as a rich friend (well only friend I have desu but 1 rich friend is better than 100 poor ones) just acted as my guarantor for an apartment so I didn't have to hotel hop. Even worked out a good complex. Huge, lots of individual buildings, outdoor entrances so traffic isn't noticed, diverse so their is zero sense of community and everyone stays in their own lane (even the leftist professors that researched it had to admit diversity isn't a strength but just atomizes people oh well good for me)... So while people around here know about me no one bothers me.

Whelp that's my cool story bro. Here's a recent pic of me after sex lol.

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Oh and to explain the exercise thing... I used to be really swoled up before so I've been working as hard as possible for awhile to shred away all my muscle.... Done pretty well so far but want to keep at it... I suppose I could just ad some cardio to my diet I got a bike not to long ago... Why not. Women can have muscular legs and get away with it I guess... Just need these biceps to disappear.

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genuinely commit suicide you disgusting freak

This but ironically

Cardio shouldn't make you super muscular, especially if you're creating enough of a calorie deficit with it (source: was severely ana for about three years and didn't get muscular despite exercising for literally 6 hours a day...fun times).
A few of the Kashi cereals are pretty low-calorie and still tasty. Definitely those + unsweetened almond milk should be fine. There's one called Simply Maize which is 140 calories for a cup and good for snacking on, not too sweet or anything like that.

silence, manchild

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I'm 125 at 6'0". You don't need to cut out anything, you just need to eat less. Grow some self-restraint.

you must look like an absolute twig

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