I have two job interviews tomorrow. One is with Subway and then the other is with McDonald's

I have two job interviews tomorrow. One is with Subway and then the other is with McDonald's.
I've been unemployed for a while and I really need this so I can start paying off my debt and being able to afford food again.
Anyone that works at either of these got any advice on the interview process? I don't imagine they'll be that hard to pass but I haven't had much luck with job interviews in the past.

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help /mu/ please

mcdonalds - tell them how much you're willing to work and they'll hire you on the spot. if you're willing to work 40+hours/week you're hired period

subway - make a point to mention hygiene and show a LOT of outward confidence, the only thing managers are looking for is that you're #1 not autistic #2 not as disgusting as the 30 immigrants they interviewed before you

Stop worrying so much, your not gonna get the job anyway, they've already been earmarked for the manager's cousin's friend's daughter or whatever.

Have you really been passed over for a fast-food job? Fucking lol

I have. Being "overqualified" isn't a meme, they want people they KNOW will be there at least a year. If they think you'll leave as soon as you get a better job offer, they won't hire you, because what's the point in paying to have you trained if you're just going to quit?

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>Being "overqualified" isn't a meme
By definition it is, dipshit.

Dress and act like you're going to church.

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>paying to have you trained
that's for jobs that actually require a lot of training
mcdonald's literally has automatic timer for everything, you hear the ding and you stop cooking the food and wrap it

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what the fuck you on about i just googled subway logo and looked for the best image ):

Have you ever worked at an actual fast food place?
They make you sit through shitty computer learning courses that take literal hours because you have to let the audio play plus take a fucking quiz at the end.

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OP here, I've worked at KFC before and those training sessions are basically half an hour of getting paid to sit on your ass and click through a presentation. I'd rather be doing that than serving fries

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I wish people would talk more about the interview process and working in these chains than about some fucking kids show

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You know there's a second thread up on Veeky Forums that you missed, right? Get to work, fag

>job interview for fast food chain
Is that a thing in America

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They ask for resumes and high school diploma too.
It's mindless repetitive work, even a fucking warehouse job is more life affirming.

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