A friend gifted me a meal delivery box for $2 on Groupon so I’m trying it out

A friend gifted me a meal delivery box for $2 on Groupon so I’m trying it out
Can’t be fucked to email myself photos to post on my computers
Today’s option is “Classic Beef Stew” and it comes with
>angus beef marinated with tomato paste, bay leaf, paprika, and parsley
>buttered basmati rice which I’ll cook before the stew is done, I also have leftover rolls from chili I made
Topped it off with a quarter cup of water to prevent burning and tossed some spices on it

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I only have one computer. My goblin fingers aren’t good at speling.
Set timer for 7 hours and cover
Wa la!

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Recipe advises to stir gently like baptizing a baby with spina bifida
Thanks for blogging with me bois

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What's with all the plastic bags? Why are your veggies in a vacuum bag, man?

My first sentence explains why, it’s meal delivery
>Get creative: add a pinch of crushed red pepper for a bit of heat!
So creative wow

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Nice perk that I didn’t even haven to prep anything. Just dumped it in the crockpot.

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Nobody cares about phone posting because that is the majority of the traffic.

Some anons still sperg out about it so I throw a little self-deprecation in there before anyone else can make fun of me so that way I sort of win

Its a beef stew kinda day boys!

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Sorry you don't care for my rhetoric

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It's astronaut food

You know you can do this yourself for cheaper?

Choose a day and you can put together a few crockpot meals with pre cut veggies and meat and all, throw it in a freezer bag or vacuum seal and then just fuckin dump it all in the pot when you want it.

Pretty sure everyone here knows that user. OP just said he was trying it because he got a discount on it. I did the same thing with Blue Apron just to see what the quality was like and cancelled it immediately at no cost.


You're obese as fuck

Great contribution, you're a real Einstein aren't you?

>it’s meal delivery
I didn't think that went as far as chopping up your carrots for you. My fault for underestimating the laziness of people.

Neat isn't it? God bless the USA

You realize the nutrient content, texture and flavor of vegetables start to diminish the moment they're picked. Well, multiply that effect by 10 when they've been precut, bagged, sat in a warehouse another week in addition to the month warehousing after picking and you end up with something between cardboard and tender tree bark.


It was a free gift, calm your tits

Its not free the tax payers pay for it when they write all that shit off as a loss

Who gives a fuck about tax paying wagies lmao

>I don't understand basic accounting

Who peed in your Cheerios? Seek counseling.

Final product

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how does it taste shill boy?

Pretty good for having been delivered three days late. The beef falls apart at the touch and the rice was super fragrant. I'd use this recipe again