What sauce for steak

what sauce for steak

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reduce some red wine n shit with the leftover shit in the pan

This is poetic

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For me, it's Heinz® 57®, the best steak sauce

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A1 may get you 'here' and 'here,' but Heinz 57 gets you 'there'

Demi glace, wine, shallot, butter, salt

If you need to drown your steak in sauce it's not prepared correctly.


Bearnaise or Bordelais.
Or ketchup if you prefer.


None unless you cook it like shit.

If you got a decent steak and cooked it well (not "well" as in doneness) you should not need a sauce or excessive spices. All a steak needs is freshly ground pepper and salt, anything more is just born of over-ambition and plebbery.

If, however, you have cooked it well as in doneness, you'll then have to drown it in sauce because you've ruined the steak anyway.

i cooked my steak and then fried some mushrooms and added cream and beef stock and used that as a sauce once
it was fucking delicious

No sauce, bleu cheese crumble crust.On a ribeye of course with seasoned french fries, garlic aioli, and a stout.

that sounds very tasty
thank you for sharing

>red wine pan sauce
>peppercorn cream sauce

> be me, Veeky Forums chef
> gently caress my seasoned cast iron pan
> sear steak for 6 minutes each side
> don't let it rest, who wants cold meat lol
> drown it in ketchup
> wash down this monstrosity of a meal with energy drink

Who said need? Quit pushing your shitty preferences on people who enjoy food.

> Demi Glace
viable; I like it.

Dumb, let people enjoy what they want, you'll be happier in life

Butter, worchestshire, a1, none, idk. Depends.

>Put small dot or line on plate less than mm thick and lightly dab it

the spicy sour/vinegeary drippings from a nice pile of kimchi

stop this right now

Garlic butter

For me a little dab o ‘vark will do.

might as well drink human asshole.

a garlic rosemary butter

Say what you will, plebs. I am right.

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>enjoy food
You mean enjoy condiments?

Well (as in good quality, not Well Done) cooked steak doesn't need sauce. If you're eating hockey pucks, I suggest A1 sauce.

Mushroom sauce is the way to go.

>enjoy food
>uneccesary condiments
Pick one.

yes. very good, sir

>he puts salt and pepper on his steak
Why put that unnecessary shit on, might as well shit on the meat at that point.

>garlic on the same tray
Its like he doesn't even want to taste the meat.

>being reductive
Salt and pepper is a component of virtually everything savory for a reason.

Heinz 57 Steak Sauce.

rosemary doesn't go with steak, use thyme or tarragon. also fuck you.

nothing, good steak is fine by itself.


What the hell else are you using carrot greens for?

Bit o' vinegar, some herbs, and you're all set.

Everywhere you go in Europe there are these damned Argentinian steakhouses. You practically have to threaten the waiter with a steak knife to get steak without it. It seems like if you want steak anywhere in Europe, 3/4 of you options are Argentinian.

So I guess a lot of people like it. I think it is meh. But I like how it plates, and the carrot greens were just getting thrown away anyway.

Either compound butter (if you grilled it), or make a pan sauce by deglazing your pan with wine or stock, let it reduce, then swirl in butter and season with pepper, salt, and a liitle parsley or chives.

Bake some chopped apples with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on at 350°F and top the steak with them. I swear by it.

best steak sauce of all time coming through

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That sounds fascinating but I can't shake the feeling that it shouldn't work. How thick do you chop the apples? Is it on the thinner or the thicker side usually?

Steak sauce.

Someone say shallot one more fucking time and ill shoot a restaurant up. Use a fucking onion like a normal person. Not a faggot who follows recipes from rachel ray.

you really think all of those are being baked on the tray and not individually grilled, user?

One of my favorite pasta dishes I make is pasta with chicken, shallots, zuchinni, summer squash, and asiago cheese. It's delicious, fuck your spastic outburst over shallots. They're tasty and so are onions and both can happily coexist.

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>his salt isn't bleached and stripped of all minerals that would disrupt the purity of the salt taste

What kind of faggot shitpost is this? It's not even funny or clever.

>ruining the stand alone steak flavor with smoke and soor
>he doesn't use triple filtered purified garlic extract injected intraveinously directly for the purest garlic experience

pickapeppa is nice

No sauce. Sear both sides in butter and rosemary in a cast iron pan. After it is seared put the pan into a 400 degree oven for a few minutes. Take it out and let it sit for 7 minutes.
Drizzle the rosemary butter over the steak and serve.

>you will never discuss the globalists with Alex over some hearty BBQ

You are mentally ill.

Bleu chêse and hörcrædicc go mustaffuly scrumptious tee-on-mah. If you feel the steak *must* be accompanied by sauce one of the above options is the clue.

>enjoy burnt butter

>he doesn't know that garlic flavor is an unstable molecule that is created upon the exposure of garlic flesh to air and which degrades in a matter of hours, faster when exposed to heat
garlic extract my ASS
fresh or nothing

What's up with americans and sauces? Why can't you appreciate a nice piece of meat? Why you need to glaze everything? Kill yourselves.

LOOK EVERYONE, it's a fucking shortbus faggot who can't tell the difference between aliums! Point and LAUGH. I bet you don't understand leeks, either.

Fucking this.

Raspberry jam/preserve

You are a sick fuck and a stupid cuntlipped piece of shit

we eat steaks for every meal so it gets old quickly

>Peter Luger
Oh, my, user! No he dinnnt. Uh-uh.

I don't really use sauce often...But now and then i sort of make a "sauce" by cooking down some fat and drippings and pouring a little (tablespoon or two) bourbon in the pan


kys, meat doesn't taste very good on its own, that's why there's so many toppings and marinates and a million different recipes and spices for making it taste good, if meat tasted good on its own we'd just eat it raw, but you won't do that will you faggot? Why? because it would taste like shit, that's why.

if the steak is good, no sauce

if I've been served a shoe, chipotle bullseye

Doing a steak party, what is unironically no memes the best way to cook a steak objectively?

For me it's tomato ketchup, the best sauce for steak.

Reported to FBI.

I never eat steak alone. Usually mix it with mashed potatoes or whatever. So I don't Rly like dip it in a sauce. I typically salt, pepper, and put some form of hot sauce in both sides and cook (Valentina is the best for this). Sometime add some garlic powder.