Everything about this list is wrong

Everything about this list is wrong.

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Nah, it's actually pretty accurate. Leave your brand loyalty at the door and adopt an objective stance, faggot.

>thinks objective facts exist


Out of the ones ive eaten in that we have here and are also on the list KFC is by far thr best

Jack's should be way higher
P.johns and a&w shouldn't be on at all
Arby's should be a bit higher
KFC lower
Domino's higher
Cfillet higher

The rest I don't care about

It's like you WANT people to know you wandered over from Tumblr.

This list is somewhat right and somewhat wrong. Personal taste and local franchise quality will dictate how people "tier" these restaurants.

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>Jack’s that low

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Bro, I've been on Veeky Forums since 06, anything you think is a "fact" is just a relative measurement from a limited human perspective. Grow up.

Are you huh? poster or one of his emmisaries?

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In n Out is too high. Should be low tier desu. But I'm glad to see Five Guys above it

Oh well since you've been here since 06 I will finally grow up. Why didn't you say so from the start?

At least you see now with eyes unclouded by hate.

chick-fil-a is overrated as shit, i don't get southerners' love for it.

also, why the fuck is olive garden on this list? i understand it's a large chain, but it makes no sense comparing a sit-down restaurant like that to fast food joints. same with ihop

I'm an idiot and went to 5 guys and ordered a double by accident. I wondered why it was so fucking expensive until they brought it to me. Menu is confusing.

Here's the real list

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>implying any actual discussion will get done that isn't meming, trolling, baiting, edgy "banter", all 4, or everyone being a total fag. I'm not included in this of course.

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I disagree.

Are you that dyslexic you couldn't figure out one of the simplest restaurant menus?

This list is pretty good. Wendy's deserves to be dropped to mid-tier though. Everyone I've asked has said the ones near them are always the sketchiest looking locations.

Thefuq is olive garden on here? It's not fast food. It's low end sitdown and should be lumped in with Applebee's, Fridays, etc

>Papa John's anywhere but shit tier
>b-b-but muh pepper, muh garlic sauce....
Dough is chewy and tasteless, at least Dominos can spread some butter on it to give it a dimension beyond soft cardboard. It's so stupidly expensive for how mediocre it is. Also, John is an actual asshole piece of shit IRL.

"Little hamburger" sounds like a kiddie burger to me

>Also, John is an actual asshole piece of shit IRL.
This isn't a plus for you? I'd rather have an asshole than a pussy.

I don't even know what that means but John is among the biggest scumbags on this Earth.

How so?

This is somewhat better, but you oughta bump Sonic to at least mid tier

He's rich and successful, he also has large house.

Yeah, what an asshole. He should be poor!

>eating fast food
l m a o

>Shits on people who need healthcare but can't afford it
>Blames the NFL and black people kneeling at a football game for his shitty pizza not selling well
>Enormous moral hypocrite, talks about being Christian and shit but doesn't give a fuck about employees' treatment by company and franchisees despite all this "i worked muh way up to the top" bullshit
>Makes some really fucking shitty pizza

Sounds like a man I'd like as POTUS.

Why don't you go pay someones medical bills? No one is stopping you.

I agree.

In 2024 right?

Taco Bell is fucking disgusting, it belongs all the way at the bottom.

Everything on that list is shit tier.

Subways, Pizza Hut, McDonalds belong in shit tier. I have no idea what a Krystals is. Dominoes needs to join them though. And Starbucks.

Swap Popeye and KFC. I have no idea why Popeye's became popular. Hipsters trying to avoid KFC going for that southern thang I suppose.

Papa John's needs to be knocked down to low tier. That's just delivery for stoners who don't care what their food is like, similar to Dominoes. Their redeeming feature is some of the fun pizzas they put out from time to time, otherwise it's trash. Five Guys Soggy Fries needs to go down to low too and be replaced by Culver's.

You're a retard if you think KFC is better than Popeyes. regardless though they're both shit

It's all shit, just depends on what flavor you like your shit.

I've been to two different Popeye's and they were both such tasteless trash. Soggy bland breading.

>papa johns

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Wendy's belongs in high tier, switch McDonald's and bk, sonic belongs in mid tier. Otherwise I agree.

Honestly this.

Is Steak'n Shake really that good?

Steak n shake is good as fuck. Dem shoestring fries.


How come Burger King is above McDonald’s?
Aren’t they equally shit?

almost nothing about this chart is right

burger king is definitely shittier than mcdonalds

There's one in my city. I'll go tomorrow.

>he thinks In n Out is high tier

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Their fries are always soggy for me. Which sucks since thin fries are the best. Maybe it is just the one I go to. Good burger though.

Honestly though I would rather pay 5.50 or whatever for the full combo at in-n-out down the road. Half the price there for a good burger.

jack in the box is kino

>adopt an objective stance
Papa Johns is objectively fucking trash.

Those $6 munchie meals tho
And those nasty ass fucking tacos, holy shit they're SUCH good drunk food

No, this is correct.

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lol at my shitting cropping

As soon as you put Papa Johns as God tier, I immediately disregarded all your other opinions. That shit is not even pizza,
t. NJfag

Less shitty version

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why do all you people think checkers is not shit tier it's soooooooooooooooooo bad

Right let me whip out my millions of dollars on hand

Oh wait you're fucking stupid, bootlicker. For silly luck!

>listen to me, i'm so special because i live in a state with lots of local pizza places, so I KNOW PIZZA suck my cock
yeah, philadelphia here, nobody cares you faggot. we're talking about fast food

your face is shit, Checker's kicks ass


Go back to /r/communism you fucking retard


Pizza Hut isn't THAT bad

Yeah that's about right

I try to tell women this, but they don't understand. Rape is just surprise sex.

>not liking white castle, arby's or subway
>liking fucking papa john's
Only a true fool could have made this.

I mean, it's all "bad" anyway. Convenience is king.

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Wow... I actually pretty much completely agree with list... Might switch like bk and Arby's but that's just bit picking.

Good taste op *thumbs up

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1. God tier fast food doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to make anything of a high enough quality in under 5 minutes

2. The only way Papa Johns stays relevant is it’s massive marketing campaign. Super Bowls seem to be when papa makes all of his money for the year.

3. The oldest establishment in each food category will more than likely not be the highest in its tier

What are we rating this by though, Purely just taste or are wait times included. And even everyone has an Italian place that's better then them how the fuck are you supposed compare Olive garden to anything else on that list, Did popeyes start serving Alfredo when I wasn't looking?

Chick-fila-a should be god tier.
KFC should be shit tier.
Shrubway should be low or mid tier.
Taco Hell should be mid tier at best.
Whataburger should be included at mid tier.

What the fuck are Ihop and Olive Garden doing on there?