What are your feelings on filter coffee?

What are your feelings on filter coffee?

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i have no strong opinions either way


looks like a big slopovshit

Better than babysitting a perc or moka, only to glance away for mere seconds, thereby totally destroying the brew.

entry level coffee tbph
at least it isn't instant.
get a moka or an aeopress if you can't afford better.

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I dont mind it. Its just kinda there



What's that?

>Unironically using the filter
might as well go back to plebbit lad.

I might just be bad at it, but honestly I prefer good quality instant coffee over the filter coffee I make myself.

Any tips? I have an electric burr grinder that I grind as course as I can, store beans airtight, and make sure to use water that isn't too hot. It's alright, but nothing special.

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might as well go back to plebbit lad.

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Glad im not the only one. Anyone who unironically types that is a faggot begging for a bludgeoning

the best way to brew coffee

So very under extracted.
Grind before you brew, if you don't use your coffee every day, remember to air it every once in a while or put them in a keeper designed for coffee.


always practice safe coffee

Great job encouraging them, asswipe.