Why do people pretend like coffee isn't disgusting? If it wasn't for the effects of caffeine nobody would drink it

Why do people pretend like coffee isn't disgusting? If it wasn't for the effects of caffeine nobody would drink it.

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stop playing a bitch for attention. You're not 16 years old.

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I used to love brewing up a pot in the morning and drinking a few cups but more recently I've preferred the added benefits that a good /sip/ provides.

Espresso is delicious tho.

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Childhood is adoring coffee.

Adulthood is realizing herbal tea made so much more sense.

>herbal tea

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>I dont like thing
>Someone else likes thing?
>Is it that different people like different things?
>Or a vast global conspiracy by the masonic temple to fund their rituals through a conglomerate on coffee and related products creating an intergenerational stigma on caffiene pills and tea, forcing people into drinking bitter garbage thats only made palatable with cream, another masonic monopoly.

>If it wasn't for the effects of caffeine nobody would drink it.
I like coffee flavor, but I don't like actual coffee the drink.

>herbal tea
I guess dressing like a Japanese cartoon character and calling yourself a trans girl also makes sense. I would fuck you in your faggot girly ass before I drank your shitty herbal tea.

Coffee is delicious and caffeine is an added bonus.

It's like how cilantro tastes good for people with a certain genetic makeup and tastes like soap for other people. Coffee tastes good to people who actually have worth and use in the world and tastes bad to all the rest. It's actually one of the more recent evolutionary traits of the coffee plant. If the coffee tastes Good, then you know you're okay, and if it tastes bad then you know that you should just fucking give up and stay out of the way of all the people drinking coffee. That's why parents really never give kids Coffee, they don't want their kids to find out they're fucking worthless until later in life.


Is 1/2 cup of coffee grounds too much for making 10oz of coffee?

> herbal tea
Grandma, what are you doing on Veeky Forums?

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It’s the hipsters way of acting like they have a refined palette

Know this is bait and I prefer tea anyways but sometimes its nice to sit, have a long breakfast whilst sipping slowly on some fresh, black coffee.

Because you've never had a good cup of coffee in your life, OP.

Tell me about your experiences with coffee.

Wait, which one was supposed to sound crazy?

I mix with baileys and kahlua every morning and its very good, wakes me up and take a nice shit afterwards.

Coffee is good because it allows me to tell poser soyboys and loosened up whores apart from the sip drinking gentlemen and ladies.

>never smelled coffe before

Things can smell good and taste bad

OP's logic is flawed because decaf exists.

Could be that whole acquired taste thing. I never used to drink it, but after relying on it to get through university (because pills and powders were too expensive), I really enjoy an espresso after a meal, or a big cup of black death in the morning.

This. I love the smell of coffee brewing, but can't stand the taste of it.

>If it wasn't for the effects of caffeine nobody would drink it.

If it wasn't for caffeine I wouldn't have started drinking it, but I'm at the point where I have a cup of decaf after dinner every day because it's a tasty way to end the day.

It's a combo of acquired taste and having exposure to good coffee.

If you've only every drunk coffee that's become foul and bitter due to having been over extracted, from stale grounds, and or over roasted, no shit would you think coffee is bad

If you have coffee that's been recently roasted, ground to order and brewed correctly then you'll definitely get a better cup, which you will also appreciate more as you keep drinking and can pick up notes of fruit/chocolate/etc.

Jesus Christ user...
No, you'll need like 3/4