Let the flavors get to know each other

>let the flavors get to know each other

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Dumb frogposter

>give it the ooold shake-a shake-a


>fry the garlic untill fragrant

>add a dash of salt

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based frogposter

>cook food

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>preheat oven

>dry brine

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>serves 6

(next meme response)


>everyone in the pool

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>steak peeler not included

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>double boiler

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>image may contain: food

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>25% Extra!

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>let the flavors fall in love, get married, spend 7 years of their life together in happiness, then suddenly start to drift apart to the point that they hate eachother and wish they had never gotten together at all and spend everyday miserable sitting at their computer and crying intermittently wishing they had the courage to finally end it all

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>and then add some garlic

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>catch of the day

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>stir every couple minutes

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>in season

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>posting the same useless thread every other week

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>season to taste


>crème de la crème

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>until golden brown

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>let sit in fridge for 2 hours

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>soup du jour

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dumb frogposters

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well that is just rude.

what's wrong with that?
also it's soupe


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>the freshest ingredients prepared with care in our state-of-the-art kitchen by only the most passionate and talented chefs

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>let them sweat

Relevant. Saw an Italian sub recipe saying to let sit in the fridge overnight to marry, and also saying two foot longs serve 6 people. Insanity.

>locally sourced

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>ethical meat

>New Look!

>Same great taste!

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>free range

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>artisanlly foraged

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>We have here one I prepared earlier...

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>gluten free

>raw water

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>stir frequently

>raised without antibiotics

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>stir continuously for 2 minutes

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>free range stove


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>You eat with your eyes

>free range

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>meat on bone

>needs more acids

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>for refined palletes
>hand-cut fries
>farm to table
>caught in pristine waters
>with compliments from the executive chef
>tasting menu
>wine pairings
>seasonal vegetables

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>responsibly farmed


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