For me, it’s

For me, it’s

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Great taste OP, I love Jarlsberg too.

Where can you even buy shit like this? I live in ohio btw

Jarlsberg is a great cheese.
Round of applause for the man with great taste

In Canada we have it at pretty much any supermarket in the cheese section

You'll get no arguments from me. Dill havarti is pretty fucking great, too.

This pairs with so many red wines.
Great taste OP.

for me it's maasdamer, god damn it's tasty

Too many holes for me, it's just not value for money.

why would you pay for the volume instead of mass?

you've got it the wrong way around.
when i buy cheese, i pay for mass.
the holes only add volume.
space is a premium, and i can fit more cheese in my fridge if it doesn't have holes inside.

how small is your fridge if space is an issue?

That's why I only buy neutronium based cheese

it's a normal fridge, but when you buy cheese by the kilo on a daily basis you don't have time to fuck about with voids of negative mass

very good, user
once dated woman who was poor but shopped at costco. so, she'd end up buying a shitload of a very few things. still remember eating olives, jarlsberg, and deenz for a month. doesn't get better.
sick of that shit now, though.
at any rate, very good, user.

I approve of this thread
t. Norwegian

Can I buy this ‘se on the east coast?

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too fucking expensive

I'd buy it if it didn't cost an extra 2 bucks to put on my sandwich

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What if you're banned from Woolworths?

Is pic related the price in American grocery stores?

I thought it was expensive here in Australia but it's actually USD $16.84 per kilogram here.

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Ace taste in Swiss cheese. Emmantaler (it's okay on a burger with shrooms and other melted applications) taste faintly of fetid ass to me, but I love Jarslbergs mild nuttiness.

Even my Walmart has it in my rural area. Da fuck dude.

Oh God, it's not Swiss? Forgive my burger apathy to the rest of the world. I see hopes, I assume 80% Swiss.


I live in rural af Indiana, and I can get Jarlsberg at walmart.

Tomme style cheese is the best semi-hard. It's got those little crystals that are pure flavour

It's apparently produced in Ohio under license.

As someone who left that shithole of a state, there are plenty of great fucking locally made cheeses, including Jarlsberg.

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>tfw you'e eating a Grandiosa made with Jarlsberg(™) and sippin' on an Urge

oh Norway... why must everything you produce be so amazing

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Is there a noticeable difference between the original Jarlsberg made in Norway and Jarlsberg produced under license in the U.S. and Canada?

you gotta finda way to get w/ the jarls, bergstein

I really like skellig and blarney desu.

For me? Gotta be this!

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