Going to Costco in a few minutes and I'm getting a chiggun bake

Going to Costco in a few minutes and I'm getting a chiggun bake.

Is this a mistake?

your take?

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only get them at the start of the day, by the end of the day there is a pretty good chance you'll get some dried ass piece of shit that has been under one of the heat lamps all day.

everyone knows the hotdog with a side plate of onion is the best deal

never a mistake

Mix it up. Everyone should eat each item on the Costco food court's menu at least once in life.

Flyovers - the thread

Most costcos in the world are located in california

Doesn't matter where most are located, what makes this a flyover thread is the fact that people are obsessing over food from a department store

Like the user said: flyovers

it's good, but be prepared to consume 1700 mg of sodium

I like their shitty pizza. its shitty, but good.
plus its the only place nearby that does the big NY style slices

these, throw in a parfait too, that shit's so good

>at tasty bargains

the pizza sucks early in the morning. i go there when they open and see 2/3 of a pizza and know I'm the first customer of the day... sketch

maybe the workers eat it for breakfast

I want to try that bake so bad, jealous.

Sam's club hotdogs are better.

pretty fucked up, even for glorious bro costco

They suck if they're not throwing them out at least every 2 hours

bruh, sometimes you just want shitty munchies. spend the other 6 days eating healthy

>Not getting their BBQ Brisket sandwich

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>regional specialty

moving from california to minnesota was a mistake; i really miss my asada bakes, those shit all over chicken bakes.

I prefer a chicken fry

Get the mixed berry sundae for dessert.