Ikea restaurant menu

What's your favourite thing to get when you go to the ikea restaurant?

I love the Swedish meatballs in gravy with chips, and the apple pie with cream.

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>going to a furniture warehouse to overpay for microwaved food

Why do flyovers love this shit so much?

because this breakfast would cost $6-$8 anywhere else...and it's tasty.

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I like the standard meatballs with mash, gravy and lingonberry jam. It's cheap and comfy but it's not the type of dish I'd order anywhere else.

those princess cream cakes are the best

but for meals, the generic meatballs with mashed potato and lingonberries is the shit

What's a Swedish pancake?


A crepe, but not as thin and fluffy.



I was actually surprised how good their vegetable balls were.

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chicken cordon Blue

I bet you would love my cheesy balls then



Buying furniture and food at Ikea. That's funny. Poor fags.

I go to IKEA every once in a while. But only to eat those meatballs. Rule #1: NEVER buy furniture you have to assemble yourself.

It has its place. I have it in my bedroom and I plan on leaving it there when I move out.

I have a dream
And that dream is to go to the kiosk (not the restaurant), hand the cashier a 200 kr bill and see the look on her face when I demand 40 hot dogs

I always just get the shrimp salad smorrebrod and a piece of cake. Oh, and lingonberry juice.
Then, I'll buy some frozen meatballs to take home when I'm checking out. I have tried the salmon filet before, and it was good, but I'd rather just have the smorrebrod and cake.