Name a more competent unitasker

Name a more competent unitasker

protip: you can't

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A knife.

Can opener

a cheese grater?

>A knife.

Isn't that a quintessential omnitasker?

It does only one thing: Cut

Get the multitasker version

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You can make ramen win this tho

>Revolver ocelot
revolver ocelot

(that's meta)

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only weebs eat ramen

>one thing: Cut

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I am dumb and you are correct.

I read mulitasker and you said unitasker.

This being said;
and an electric kettle would all be viable answers.

...with a slight coffee taste.

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>filename is not revolver ocelot
one job, user

it can smash foods too with the side of the blade and it can also transfer foods to your pan

>not using your hands for that

that would make my hands dirty and I got more cutting to do


>complaining about a 30 cent meal tasting a little bit off

A pizza delivery girl.

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I love microplanes. It's the GOAT for grating parmesan for pasta.

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Besides zesting what can you use it for scratching hemorrhoids?