If you Veeky Forums ever makes you feel bad about eating the food you love...

if you Veeky Forums ever makes you feel bad about eating the food you love, just remember people here actually eat moldy cheese

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I love eating moldy cheese, the only thing that makes me feel bad is that I have to consume "American styles" and low quality "imports". I've tried making many styles of blue cheese, but I can't get the correct temps.

I just wanna go to France and eat some authentic stuff and see if it's actually all that much better.

I eat mold and yeast slime. Sometimes I like to sample the lees after I brew something, mmm

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Mold sludge

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>tfw eating some Stilton on crackers as I come across this thread

The blue mold is a form of penicllin, aka the shit that made people stop dying from mild infections at 27 years old

You have to have the mindset of a child to be like "eww mold icky xd" just because it is a type of mold

blue cheese is the highest tier of snack you pleb

blue cheese + apple slice = a mouthful of heaven

If you don't like moldy cheese you are literally qand unironically a pleb.

>im a pleb for not introducing carcinogens into my body

lol nope try again shiteyes

meat will literally give you cancer and heart disease and I don't see you stopping.

>meat will literally give you cancer and heart disease
Tell me what your flesh is made up of then?

Nigger, life gives you cancer, at least blue cheese is delicious cancer.

gorgonzolla and wine grapes are sublime

I just peel off the mold and throw the cheese away.

Certainly not burnt meat.

How do you know?

What's next, fermented food is bad because BACTERIA! ? Gorgonzola and roqueforte are awesome and if you don't like them you're a fucking pleb.


Blue cheeses are fantastic for cheeseburgers.

they are fantastic in general, very complex and strong taste


Blue cheeses are the best cheeses

>american food products don't decay for weeks or months
>european food decays within days or is at times served in a state of decay already
>the american products are considered to be of lesser quality

Lee's are a traditional snack in some countries. Why is this weird?


This summer I ate the best Cabrales cheese in the world. Delicious, it was a next level experience.

>industrial processed """"food"""" full of additives and preservatives is better than traditional food cultures

What are great blue cheeses? I have only tried Stilton and Gorgonzola. Roquefort is next on my list as well as ones made from goat cheese.

That's a fact followed by an unrelated opinion, not an argument.