If you don't have one, you want to get one. Turn your poorfag Walmart tough meat into tender and delicious vittles.
5/5 would rate again.

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Hello friend, what is that thing?

meat tenderizer/needler

Not op but it's a jaccard or some such thing. It's a hand meat tenderizer.
I have been meaning to buy one for a while now.

>buying meat from walmart

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Yeah it actually has it's uses.


Nice digits, same guy here. Would that make a London Broil edible?



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>tenderizing your meat
why not just buy quality meat?

London broil is already edible. You just have to broil it and slice it properly.

Look up how. I mean if you really want to just throw it on the grill and then attack chunks of it on the plate with your canines and first biscuspids that's awesome but there's a better way.

Don't you want to pound your meat like a true man?

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stop having flat steak
stop having flat life

If i could afford a $25 Ja/ck/ I could also afford to buy better steak.

The tool is reusable. The steak is not. It pays off over time.

The jaccard can also be used for pork, chicken, veal, unruly womenfolk, turkey, duck.

Is this a slap chop reference?

I don’t buy meat at walmart
I don’t buy anything at walmart
We have no walmart in this city because it is disgusting

I'm sorry your city is disgusting, user. Did you ever think about moving?

Impossible to clean, enjoy your food poisoning user.

OP here. Neither do I but these a lot of poorfags on Veeky Forums that want to know how to make their Walmart Grade X Prime Jackal chops taste better and this is the answer.

Isn't that basically what they use on Outback meat? It's more tender sure but it's still fucking gross. Tastes like a sponge. Poorfag NEETs on Veeky Forums should learn how to cook tough meat the way poorfag normies always cooked tough meat. Low and slow.

Probably if they drank less Monster energy drink and spent less money on video games they could afford a decent steak every now and then.

vittles is my favorite food word, hardly ever heard.
Excellent OP, I'll think about getting a what ever your pic related is called

< unruly womenfolk

Fuckin kek bro

dumb newfag can't even triforce

>being a misogynist


Thanks for noticing

kys kys KYS!!!

Does it actually work though? Are you supposed to use it before you marinate something, or just before you cook something?

wouldn't this thing make all the juices come out and make your steak dry and tough?

didn't all the juices come out when it was butchered?

ok fine then.

No. Which is why people generally describe steak as 'juicy'

I have that exact model. I don't use it. It's fucking pointless when you can get amazing meat from Costco.

If you only ever need one recipe:

Buy the cheapest, stringiest meat you can find from any animal you choose. Toss it into the slow cooker. Add no more than three other ingredients and maybe a little water, wine, or beer and some spices. Don't stir or mix it. Cook on low for 6-9 hours. Serve with rice and a vegetable. Eat like royalty.

It also shows your date that you can cook something awesome.

Never ever put an expensive or even good cut into a slow cooker. It will not improve it one bit.

>take shitty dry pork
>throw in slow cooker with seasonings and some broth, cheap wine, and red wine or apple cider vinegar
>make BBQ sauce and some basic slaw
>ignore for the day until dinner
>eat like a king
Slow cookers are surely great for poor folk.

It's a bunch of blades that sever connective tissues.

It's not for marinades though some fucktarded gadgets have sold knockoffs for that purpose.

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