ITT things you used to have as a kid, but learned to love as an adult

ITT things you used to have as a kid, but learned to love as an adult.

pic related.

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*used to hate



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Tomatoes. I am a slut for tomatoes now.

How does one OP correctly?

I loved fish as a kid, hated fish as a teenager, and now love fish again as an adult.

I didn't like cheese as a kid, now I do.

I'm not a fan of mushrooms but I still eat them if they're part of the meal. I wont make them for myself. That said, I never had problem just eating magic mushroom raw without something to hide the taste. I think magic mushrooms taste like wet wood, but most normal mushrooms taste like swamp.


This, I once absolutely hated Onions. Now, I mix them with just about everything.

One time I hated spaghetti and now I still hate spaghetti


take that mushroom poster! you've been warned

chile rellenos and enchiladas. went to a nice mexi restaurant as a kid, casa de eva, berkeley, parents foods were too exotic. mom made enchiladas later, i was ok with that, but thought rellenos were too weird. now i know better. ps enchilada sauce should be mostly red peppers not tomatos, with a bitter edge. canned is usually tomatos.

As a child I learned how to rotate my dog's nose on a vertical axis. While he was sleeping, I leant close and touched it with my own nose. When it rotated, the other side was a button mushroom. Then his tongue darted out and he licked it, which flipped it back around to the shiny black side.


I figured this is why they get upset when their noses dry out. As far as I know, the mushroom side can only come out when it's dry. This really only happens when they're sleeping.

Years later, I would become a sculptor. I had cooked scallops one evening. I realized that nature was playing yet another joke on me when I saw that the scallop shells were incomplete dog noses. Of course scallops do not need nostrils living under the sea, but when they become dog noses you must add them so the dogs can breathe. Life is funny like that.

Nothing, honestly.

I still hate cooked carrots and once I learned how to not over cook chicken (white people problems), but outside of sweetbreads and brown rice, I'm down for almost everything.

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It's actually pretty understandable. user would touch his nose to his dog's, which would activate the rotation mechanism, flipping the nose to the underside and exposing the previously concealed button mushroom. The dog, who we shall refer to as "Puddles", ashamed that his fungal secret had been shown, would make a flicking motion with tongue against the mushroom. This would conceal the mushroom yet again, restoring the former appearance of a wet dog nose.

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I used to have a dog. I learned to love to eat dog flesh as an adult

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Eggs on pizza, spicy food, coffee

Why did you hate it as a kid?
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Garlic and legumes

not really the same but I always hate these tail-ass fuckers
then i started smoking somewhere in my teens, and learned to love many foods.
i quit in my 20s and ate them again and i couldnt believe how gross they tasted. tried them several times but they never tasted good to me. Most food tasted worse after I quit except the things Ive always loved, I even became underweight because i didnt have an appetite

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>me mom misses a clove in her ham shoulder.
> the flavour infuses through your sinuses and its awful.

I still love her ham shoulders done with a mustard & cinammon & brownsugar coating with cloves in the skin.

Rum raisin ice cream. It's by far the best flavor, but you have to learn to appreciate it.