I can eat these raw by the bagful

i can eat these raw by the bagful.
does this mean i am a hobbit, Veeky Forums?
>ITT general eating things raw that other people give you funny looks for

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They are pretty tasty and I prefer them raw than cooked.
I dunno why people dislike them.

Did anyone else see the long-nosed smiling jew in this picture or do I need to cut back on the weed?

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Not exactly raw, but green olives from a jar. My buddies make fun of me whenever we go on a road trip because I bring multiple jars of green olives with garlic, pimento, anything really.

i've never known anyone who liked mushroom who didn't like them raw, so i think that strange look people give you come from your imagination.

I see it. But I'm pretty wasted on alc and weed atm so maybe wait for someone else to confirm.

the only mushrooms I've eaten raw were the magic kind and those taste a thousand times better than munching on dried.
Not sure If I would ever eat gourmet mushrooms raw though. I just love the taste of them fried in fat and garlic so much that I don't see myself doing it.
I might nibble on some corn on the cob raw and that might get a few funny looks

Hello, I am a mythical creature to you. I love cooked mushrooms, hate them raw. Even have a hard time getting them down if they're undercooked.

Wait you can eat this shit raw? Are you guys memeing?

because they're literally children

yes m8. it's like a forest-flavoured marshmallow

Raw mushrooms are fucking ace OP, you are a one of my people

Dude like every vegetable tastes better raw but cheaper canned :'(


>ITT general eating things raw that other people give you funny looks for
Pic related. No I've never had food poisoning. I don't eat a lot, its mainly if I'm making something with bacon I'll have half a rasher.

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At my school there is infinite sliced raw button mushroom every day at the salad bar in the dining hall

I also eat Broccoli raw but I think I'm pretty much the only guy who does this.

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magic mushroom do taste better than normal one.

Holy shit fucking TIL. It never crossed my mind that you could eat them raw.

technically, bacon isn't raw as it has been cured and/or smoked

Honestly it's cured so much it's basically eating less expensive prosciutto.

Never thought of eating it raw tho.

I know 2 or 3 people who does.
I personally don't like it that much but I dont like them too soft either.
blanched 2 minutes is fine

Seems like it'd be really slimy

Raw broccoli is great

for everyone in this thread that loves raw veggies. you gotta try Vegetable Pizza. it's amazing. it is pic related though I like to add cauliflower and scallions to mine. but you can add anything you want if the food police aren't watching

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weird. Okay Ill give it a shot

Maybe, depends on what that sauce is on the bottom.

probably garlic butter

Yes, you are a hobbit. I dub thee Bobbitt.

You don’t digest raw mushrooms, so you miss out on their nutrition.

I know you'll love it.
it's just a can of croisants pre baked and cooled and the "sauce" is a pack of dry hidden valley ranch packet that you add mayo and cream cheese to. I've never had carrots on mine like my pic shows though. I usually go with red and green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and scallion. lots of cheddar is better too

Same goes for corn. Doesn't stop us midwesterners

what do you mean we don't digest corn. I see it in my poo almost every time I eat it. and don't give me that "we don't get nutrition from it". that's a load of Bull Shit!

I had to read these posts three times because I kept reading it as "cum"

the eye sees what the mind wants. are you gay or a female?

you dont digest the cellulose, in that sense you are correct.

>are you gay or a female?
probably a gay female.

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But did I say shit about us not getting nutrients from it? No. Dip shits

I kill those fucking things. I especially like the queens stuffed with pickled jalapenos.

>ctrl + f "onion"
>0 results
fucking soyboys, all of you

I like raw onion on my burger but I'd never just chomp down on one, you fucking psychopath

I'm the one they were replying to and I did mention getting nutrients. but I'm not going to watch a video about corny poo now or ever

>food police
i would say 'huh?' but this more of a 'the fuck?'

lucky for you they don't mind language and neither do I. I'm drinking don't take what I say seriously

you have to go back