Gamer grub thread? just made a plate of these bad puppies, about to play some snake boxer

gamer grub thread? just made a plate of these bad puppies, about to play some snake boxer.

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>bronco trolleys

mein negro

>lemons stuck to cookies with peanut butter
why did you include the peel

It's a significant source of nutrients.

it's crummy but God damn I could eat a whole loaf if there was enough olive oil and balsamic.

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are americans really so lazy that they can't peel their oranges?

>that one with the peel on it


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It's the reason why orange juice is so nutritious, and why your homemade orange juice is about 100% sugar and acid.

yaaas love that shit

That's how they're made faggots.

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Food is not videogames
Just because you play videogames does not make the food you eat "gamer food"

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Are you gonna use the cheat code, user?

bread is quite possibly the worst food for you. it's just empty calories. over the years, the flour we've used has slowly become more bleached and refined. where as before it was actually healthy and nutritious

addicted to these little shits

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$0.02 has been deposited in your Nestlé account

hey retard, the food is from a video game
this thread is a reference to a video game

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>not just having a cold one
>Or fries with computer ketchup
I didn't realize I was posting on a website with a bunch of dorks.

How should I go about finding the healthiest bread possible? Should I buy a particular flour and even make my own? Because that kind of sounds like fun

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>people are actually getting my bronco trolley reference
based /v/. i thought it might be too obscure.

first for mods are fags

Evidently the mods didn't.

but this is literally a video games thread

Why did he only leave the peel on one of them?

I'm more surprised that /v/ actually has mods

Ezekiel. Joe Rogan approved, always with eggs.


>but this is literally a video games thread

>make food that is a reference to a thing
>food is now a video game

Fucking Ezekiel bread? Maybe you know where I can find the fabled flesh of Jesus Christ?

Sever your leg please. It's the greatest day

Relinquish your pipes please, sir.

Just have a glass of Suudsu, oh pee.

You are better off making your own if you care about it being healthy.
Here's how to tell at the store. Short answer, only buy 100% whole wheat with no added sugar or HFCS. Long answer, watch this video.

FFS put the damn game on pause and make something filling not crappy snacks and juice. because after a few more hours you get hungry and want something to eat again.

Thanks user, maybe moving the thread to Veeky Forums had its upsides.

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Looks like an orange

Joe Rogan is quite possibly the biggest fucking faggot on the planet. How he became so popular, I'll never understand.

>6 twin packs
>not just saying 12
goddamn I hate deceptive packaging

people don't say "go to " just to be dicks user, the other boards are actually good. Veeky Forums actually knows about food and will be able to give you good advice and tasty recipes for snacks, while on /v/ its just off-topic shitposting

I'm actually from the /v/ thread, I just know my shit about bread because of Veeky Forums and scoobert

That video sucks. He took all that time to say, "Read the label."


> Few hours
That's not so bad actually. I get hungry after a few hours after a whole meal. The trade-off is in favor of this gamer fuel

>eating more than once a day
what a waste of food, everyone knows you just make one giant meal before you go to sleep

>bad puppies

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"sandwich bread" still has too much sugar and other crap in it. just get a whole wheat boule from your local boulangerie

i got in a row with the owner of my local boulangerie and now i'm not allowed back

yo bronco trolleys taste fucking disgusting. I remember i tried making some when i first watch that homestarrunner video with them and they were some of the worst tasting things ever.

>Not fasting for a week at a time
Git gud scrub

>posting dead memes
>current year

>kill all the boulangeries
>take their wealth
>world perfection 100%