Loose meat sandwich

Loose meat sandwich

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US women's soccer team goalie


Tastees are pretty good! Who would have thought boiled ground beef would turn out so delicious.

That looks more like a sloppy joe than a loose meat.

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Looks like slop of sh*t

That's not something any civilized person should have to eat.

they both look like shit. I worked at a burger spot and they brought an "advisor" in and he suggested some loosed meat burger. it was not added to the menu but the place still closed after a couple years. I'm sure loose meat sandwiches wouldn't of saved it though

Actually terrible. These offer no advantage over a classic hamburger and, in fact, only has disadvantages.
This is fake "culture" from an area that has none. A desperate way to set apart themselves from the rest of midwest mediocrity, despite all random shitholes having something exactly like this.
Nobody likes loose meat sandwiches. People unfortunate enough to no be flying over the midwest might try it out of pity. They might go so far as to call it quaint, or "cute", but in that way you see a lesser being trying and failing to do something modern man does without thinking, like an ape trying to use a saw.

When I was growing up, there was a Maid-Rite right next to the movie theater. I have fond memories of seeing a movie and then getting a loose meat sandwich and a milkshake.

One time my mother made sloppy Joes and I felt very guilty about not liking it very much because I never want to disappoint her by saying what she cooked tastes bad

that would bring a tear to any womans eye.
I on the other hand would just say It's alright. even though I would have to be trash to like a manwich or as you high falutin' fucks call it a "SLOPPY JOES"


I'm gonna sandwich my loose meat in ur mom's ass lmao

sounds like a waste of ground beef.

they don't even brown it. goddamn.


A mushy Joseph sandwich

i could see myself enjoying the different texture quite a bit, though i've never had one.

upvotes for everyone!

Fucking kek