Does anybody here have a good bloody mary recipe?

Does anybody here have a good bloody mary recipe?

I don't mind if it's spicy.

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Warchesenester sauce
Celery salt
Bam! Don't tell anyone - they'll all be doing it.

Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Splash of olive juice
Black pepper
Fresh lemon
Celery salt
>shake together well
>pour over ice and a couple shots of vodka, stir with a trimmed celery stick, leave in the glass, add a skewer with a stuffed olive, a cocktail onion, and a pepperocini.

I like them with plenty of horseradish and pickled wax peppers, olives etc. Gives you something to munch on while getting drunk on tomato juice.

>no beef bullion

Also, gin is far superior to vodka

>beef boullion
If you want to add that kind of savory flavor, for fuck's sake at least use beef consomme, not powdered salt cubes. Also, you're overcomplicating it.

Wrong and gay.

>no black pepper
>no celery stir stalk

Nothing personal, kid, but I will WRECK you

this is a V8. the other is a tomato based vegetable juice

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Try gin in your bloody mary next time. It's so much better than vodka.

Nice argument, dumbass.


this but add beef bullion and put in a beef jerky stick with the garnishes

Yes, let me add some pine tree flavor to my fucking savory, spicy drink. Nah mang

Vodka is savory? I never knew.

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>"Here's your Bloody Mary, user!"

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Michelada is the superior spicy alcoholic bev

tastelet pls

Fill pint glass half full of ice. Grate coarse black pepper into it. Add lemon juice, Smoky hot sauce of your choice, salt, vodka and tomato juice. Strain out the ice cubes and drink quickly. Try different quanties of each ingredient till you get the right salt, sweet, hot and sour balance for you

Balls. I forgot to add Worcester sauce. Essential

>I ordered two

Clamato and how dare you forget the Worchestershire!

Hang him high until dead!