Create the most delicious candy to ever exist

>create the most delicious candy to ever exist
>it can fucking kill you if you eat too many
What did they mean by this?

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Nah you can eat the whole bottle it won't kill you, it'll just be a waste of money when you piss it all out.

Just eat gummy candy then you fucking sped and maybe learn how to swallow something that's not covered in sugar

Vitamin A overdose is a real possibility


I drunken ate a bottle of vitamin c chews one night. I lived.

I like these better

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No it's not

People can take grams of vitamin C daily and be fine. The worst it can do to you is give you watery shits.

are you faggots so infantilized that you can't even swallow a fucking pill, it has to be some nod back to your third grade sack lunch

>paying more for less nutrition, just because you can't handle swallowing one regular pill

How sad.

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I have a very well-developed gag reflex. I've tried practiced with M&Ms before but I will catch them midway down my throat and bring them back up.

I can help you fix that reflex

You only think it tastes so good because it's forbidden.

Stupid cunt. Just eat fruits and vegetables like a normal well adjusted person.

I can imagine anything more embarrassing than being seen buying these synthetic gummy candy things at the supermarket.
It screams "manchild" louder than wearing a hat indoors screams "balding".

As a diabetic, gummy vitamins are actually better for me than eating fruit because it's less sugar.

describe how you take pills

ya but niacin od is annoying

You could do some nice magic tricks if you can do that.

I grew up on fucking chalk flavored flinstone chewables, now adults get candy for breakfast. JUST

imagine being this angry about multi vitamins

Well, that was going to happen to him anyways if he drank enough alcohol to eat a bottle of vitamin C tabs.

Like, make the pills disappear up his ass instead?

Those flintstone chewables were delicious you cunt.

Gummy or Softgel vitamins are vastly superior because the body can efficiently digest them. Solid pills often times pass right through and you get no benefit.

Saw it once in a show where they were replacing a septic tank. In the old tank was hundreds of undigested vitamins just sitting around.

That's rubbish. The ones in the sewage are from people flushing them down.

>Take mouthful of water without swallowing.
>Drop pill into mouth.

Guaranteed to work.

Multivitamins are terrible for you unless you have a diagnosed vitamin deficiency. They can actually increase your risk of cancer.

I take a Vitamin D supplement because I'm a Northern fag and it's below zero four months a year. All the other vitamins you can get from a healthy balanced diet.

Yes it is. Unlike vitamin B or C which are water soluble and thereby can excreted through urine when present in excess, vitamin A is fat soluble, meaning that stores of it will only build up until depleted.

why do nutrition topics always draw out the most loud, opinionated asshats who think some blurb they read in Men's Fitness gives them free license to get angry and screech their loud opinions as if they're the first person ever to read about the topic for 10 minutes?

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It's "sciencey" enough to draw out the lukewarms(90-115iq) but not enough to overwhelm them on the surface