Do you cu/ck/s like a good Cuban sandwich? Pic related is the one I ate today. Flyovers need not reply

Do you cu/ck/s like a good Cuban sandwich? Pic related is the one I ate today. Flyovers need not reply.

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That's a nice looking torta. I don't usually get one that stuffed, though.

>Flyovers need not reply
Does your stockholm syndrome convince you that sandwiches do not exist outside of your rathole?

Not kosher

Too much meat.

Go get fucked by your illiterate brother corncuck.

The fuck is this? Looks pretty good, but don't call it a Cuban.
And it's not 1970 anymore. Restaurants of all kinds are everywhere now.

So that's a yes then

>t. Low test

Enjoy your colon cancer.

It should look more like this. And you make fun of flyovers for huge portions (though maybe that's why I'd probably double the meat in the photo, to be fair).

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>we don't like them commie atheist foods
Flyover detected.


I drink 4 liters of water per day.

Did somebody say a nice delicious Cubano sandwich?

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Are you actually retarded?

That's a fucking abomination, retard.

It’s better than anything you can find in your shitty flyover hick trailer lot, Cletus.


I'm 30 minutes from Miami, but keep talking nonsensical bullshit, faggot.

>30 min outside of Miami
>not flyover

Kek, get a load of this faggot.

I live in a town of 3,000 people and there's an entire neighborhood of literal cubans. Plus it won't run me $80, unlike you.

>Plus it won't run me $80, unlike you.
>implying DC isn’t saturated with spics from all over
>implying there isn’t enough supply to meet demand

The sammich I posted cost me $12, Hank.

It's not. What is the point you're trying to make, or are you just le pretending to be retarded?

>He thinks $12 for a fucking cuban is a good deal
lmaoing@your life

>his cost of living in his faggot flyover shithole is so measly that $12 is an exorbitant amount

Lmaoing at you, faggot.

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Enjoy your overpriced food and lower quality of life.

>He thinks if he has to pay more money his life is better

Yeah the only place with a Cuban these days is a faggot infested shithole. Have fun with your trannies and aids fucking cock sucker.

These are the correct proportions.
Like Jewish NY delis? It doesn't taste as good and is really unhealthy.

Trailer Cletus and his sister fuck assblasted to hell.

>he thinks that's a good cuban

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>still responding

When will you trailer trash inbred methheads learn? Stick to you dollar menu items, faggots. Let us cultured folk enjoy our Cubans and other foreign delights.

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Get a load of these angry coastie roasties

This. But yes I love a good cuban sandwich. Little Havana in Miami has the best but I have a place in Tampa that is pretty close to quality. I've never made one myself but I guess I could try in my waffle iron....see if that works.

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I got a cuban sandwich just like that at a mexican grocer for 4 bucks today.