Grocery Lists

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow after work and boy do I have a lot of stuff to get. Let's post and rate grocery lists. Here is the list I will be taking with me tomorrow:

>Bell Peppers
>Pork Roast
>Beef Roast
>Chicken Thighs
>Lentils 1lb
>Kidney Beans 1.5lbs
>Navy Beans 1.5lbs
>Chickpeas 2 cans
>Black Beans 1 can
>Pinto Beans 1 can
>Diced Tomatoes 5 cans
>Tomato Puree 1 can
>Tomato Sauce 2 cans
>Coconut Milk 2 cans
>Basmati Rice
>Cooking Oil
>Eggs 1 dozen
>Frozen Vegetable Mix
>Frozen Corn
>Frozen String Beans

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>>Cooking Oil
>>Eggs 1 dozen
what kind of oil are you getting?
Eggs last three weeks or more. get 3 dozen if you got the space in your fridge or cabinet depending on how you roll

Tomorrow I'm getting spaghetti, flat-leaf parsley, celery, 1 lb. navy beans, and buttermilk.

>carr's rosemary crackers
>budweiser six pack (bottles)
>herpecin or abreva

Just plain canola oil. As for the eggs, I don't really use many of them, just one for breakfast in the morning, and sometimes I go out for breakfast so 12 is good for at least 2 weeks.

This is what I got for this week. I usually go to the store once a week, but some of this stuff will last multiple weeks. There was a big sale on meat last week, which filled my freezer, so I didn't need to buy any proteins (aside from the bacon) this week. Also helps that I made a big pot of chili over the weekend and still have some left over.

Orange Juice
Blue berries
Bell Peppers
Green Onion
Grape tomatoes
Mung bean sprouts
Bamboo shoots
Peanut Butter pretzels
Corn chips
Grapefruit marmalade
Peanut Butter
Silken tofu
Frozen corn
Mushroom soup
Red curry paste
Garlic chili sauce
Red pepper flakes
Sweet rice
Pancake/waffle mix

can i eat at your place?
im not an alcoholic in the midst of an herpes outbreak on a 'deenz kick

~30 digiorno pizzas (wait for sale usually)
~20 michelina's
~8 bags of cheetos
Frozen tendies (if they're on sale, usually too expensive)
Frozen fried fish
Plum sauce
Box of Instant Ramen

I really hope you are shitposting.

i like where this thread is going
very good, sir.

What's the deal with deenz? I might need to try some of those.

I actually went grocery shopping this morning, here is a photograph of the receipt.

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Go to Costco
>case of green beans
>case of corn
>case of black beans
>case sliced peaches
>case sliced pears
>case sliced mushrooms
>case tomato sauce
>case diced tomatos
>10lb carton of oatmeal
>3lb carton frosted mini wheats
>case of cliff bars
>5lb sack lindt chocolate assortment
>5lb case of assorted fruit flavored "fig" bars
>3lb sack pistachios, in shell
>3lb tub hummus
>assorted cheeses, depending on selection
>5lb pack thick sliced bacon
>whole pork tenderloin, 10-12 lb range
>mega pack chicken
it goes on

>Pancake/waffle mix
Why? You clearly know how to cook. Making pancake batter is easy.

serious but to be fair I don't buy any sugary drinks. I strictly drink water

what are you going to do with all that, man?
yeah just get some king oscar's in olive oil. i eat em with a flavored cracker. some people love em, some people hate em
you ordering for a fuckin restaurant?

one egg.damn eating three and I still wish I would of made five jumbo eggs
you said rate. so..... get yourself some lard instead of canola your body will thank you
I see toast on a receipt? what the hell. they toast it before you buy it? we just buy bread in the northern hemisphere and toast it our self

Tell me about the sausages.

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>what are you going to do with all that, man?
Tonight I will have rump steak with broccoli and mashed potatoes, tomorrow I will get drunk and eat chicken sausages on bread with onions. The rest of it is just stocking up.

>I see toast on a receipt? what the hell. they toast it before you buy it?
Coles is weird, they sell sandwich bread and toast bread. It's just bread in a different shape. The toast bread is more of a square shape to fit in your toaster and the sandwich bread is rounder on top where it has risen out of the baking pan.

Love cooking whole pork tenderloin. Patrician cut.

whats the deal with using dry beans over canned beans? i use canned exclusively.

why should i consider using dry beans?

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you ever try dry?

Spicy italian they are called, they are pretty big and not too greasy for sausages, I think they make them in the supermarket. When I don't feel like putting much effort into cooking I will put a few of those in the oven and eat them with baked potato, kraut, and string beans. Tomorrow night I will probably have this for dinner because I'm also stopping into the liquor store and I will be getting drunk.

Dry beans are cheaper way more inconvenient

how long do they keep before/after soaking?

They are much cheaper and imo taste better. I mostly use them if I am making a big pot of beans to eat for lunches throughout the week. I get the pinto and black beans in cans because I use those for quick meals often on short notice. I would get canned lentils too but those don't need to be soaked before cooking.

not even once

Longer than you'll be alive.
You cook them after soaking, and can either store in the fridge for about a week, or freeze for a few months.

>Chipotles adobo
>real bread
>green Tea
>Cranberry soda
>Gatorade powder
>TV dinners
>fish sauce
>Gatorade powder
>lime juice
>orange juice
>raspberry sherbert

>almond milk
>soy milk
>konjac rice
>glutinous rice
>3 30 packs of coke zero
>2 4 packs of red bull zero
>2kg gluten free flour
>5kg bread flour
>8kg cheap shit flour
>bag of black beans
>bag of chickpeas
>oyster shrooms
>rice cakes
>frozen blueberries

>lasagna noodles


i was thinking fagville
2/10 b8 list


>he thinks it's bait
what part of that list is unreasonable?

i'm not saying it's unreasonable.
just a lifestyle choice.
guessin' you voted yes in nov.
not that there's anything wrong with that.
nothing is wrong with your list, user.
even if youre gay.

What's gay about eating healthy fruit and veg, not drinking sugar water, not drinking mammalian estrogen, not being cucked by overpriced protein, and making my own baked goods? I voted no.

Imagine letting politics creep into your every thought. You're pathetic.

Two varieties of pseudo milk. Too much fruit. Soda, especially energy drink. Two varieties of rice and three varieties of flour (how do you run out of all that at the same time? ). All that flour, yet still buying pre-made tortillas. Too small a range of vegetables for somebody who hasn't purchased any meat.

you're getting me wrong here. i merely thought his list was bait because of the first two milks mentioned. as this other user points out:do you have celiac's or do you get gluten free flower because your insides hurt after drover goes walkabout in your ass
im sorry. im not trying to be mean. im pretty sure you and i would get along in real life.

>frozen blueberries

>fresh blueberry season
>unironically buys salmonella berries from china
>even after all the deaths and recalls last year

>gluten free flower
did you not notice the other types of regular flour? seems like you're #cherrypicking

so your boyfriend has celiac's?

There is no such thing as too much fruit. Perhaps you aren't buying enough? I eat at least half a kilo a day. I buy less of a variety of vegetables but still quite a lot. Soda is me stocking up for the year because it's on sale (helps me not eat junk food that's worse). I also bake things at least once a day because I enjoy it. Can't seem to make good tortillas though so I buy them. Plus around half of that cheap flour is used for seitan.

I only eat blueberries on my breakfast so a box will last me ages. I don't really want to pay more for something that will go bad in my cupboard.

Gluten free flour actually makes really nice cookies and cakes.

i'm not that user so i don't know why he does what he does.
but i know you've got shit for brains for thinking he's coeliac given that one of three typoes of flour was gf. the odds were swinging the other way.

>I don't really want to pay more for something that will go bad in my cupboard.
wise decision. because it's illegal in australia to put fresh berries in your fridge or freezer.

>see vegan shopping list posted by an ausfag
>give the benefit of the doubt by calling it b8
>get attacked with absolute, utter faggotry
i'm telling you m8 we would be friends in real life

>paying more to ruin it anyway

>see vegan
>they must be trolling!
>i'm not vegan therefor it doesn't exist!
the absolute state of arrogant ignorance

who are you talking to

the gay aussie chap

i am vegan
the whole gay thing was based on him being australian

i'm also gay, too

I wasn't trying to attack anyone senpai

because they're the most attractive men

just how gay dudes flirt 'cross seas

i feel a group hug coming on

and by group hug i mean gay orgy

>solid food
>liquid food

List complete.

Tomorow's list:

-whole fryer chicken
-1 pound ground lamb
-1 pound ground beef
-Whole salmon filet
-Rabbit haunches
-pork loin

-honey spiral ham
-smoked turkey
-hard salami


-vine tomatoes
-sweet onions
-romaine hearts
-red pepper
-green pepper
-ginger root
-fresh poultry herbs
-fresh basil
-fresh dill
-fresh time
-blue berries

Dry goods:
-brown rice
-corn meal
-sticky rice
-cheez its

-soy sauce

I just wanna make note my spice cabinet is stocked at the moment. I'm not a fucking heathen who doesn't season food, I just have no use to put it on my list

You should try making corn tortillas. The tortilla presses are inexpensive.

jesus, son
let's flip this thread a little
start posting your Dream grocery list
i wanna have a grocery list i can aspire to
grocery shopping is the only thing i really have left in life apart from cooking and a few other things
-tell me more abt what you plan to do with the rabbit
my bro got married back in the otts in the czech republic. i remember ordering rabbit and it being amazing.
came back to the states and never had it again.
i guess i could just get them from my backyard as i'm in prime flyover and they, well, fuck like rabbits, so they aren't in short supply. never cleaned and broke down a rabbit, though. also worried abt disease, but willing to lay it on line for some sweet bunny foo-foo
let us in on that killer rabbit recipe you have, user, if you please

>cream cheese
>goat cheese
>soft goat cheese
>soy milk
>smoked tofu
>fresh salmon
>frozen veg mix
>bell peppers
>green onion