Ok, enough is enough. Can somone explain the huh? Meme

Ok, enough is enough. Can somone explain the huh? Meme

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We did it lebbit!

some random faggot said it here the other day and now every epic troller regurgitates it for le lulz xDDD so creative


someone shitting up this board and now or soon to be more than one user shitting up this board.
it's annoying, even worse than the for me anons

For me it’s “huh?” the best Veeky Forums meme

heard someone say it is a /b/-tier meme
meaning it is shit i guess
it shits up threads pretty quickly tho

Not the first time this meme has come through. It’ll pass my friends.

maybe look through an archive of Veeky Forums and find patient zero

very good, sir

This is much worse this time around. Its everywhere everythread

would you prefer a slap of shit, sir?

both of them are great keep it up, great job, proud of you *coughs*

Based huh posters

agreed. I first seen it on a weed thread and hoped it was just a offshoot of dude weed meme. but it's not. hopefully it ends soon

I scoured evrry thread, was in just about every one. Its growing

What, you've never stupid faggots trying to force a shitty unfunny "meme" before? There only thing to explain is what happened in their lives to make them so unbelievable brain damaged and useless sacks of worthless horse shit.

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I'm good with anything that pisses off frogposters.

very good. you kiss your mother with that mouth, sir? very nice.

i miss S_LOP O_F SH-IT

That was actually funny. Im guessing huh will be added to global filter

Kiss ur faggot dad. Nigget

Yes. Very Good.

youre a slop o shit

Slop of........huh?

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just fei, slop o shite was the best meme of all the memes. Digisuck my digital balls.

It's as dumb as the grocery jester shit.


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Lurk more, newfag.

>not funny
The internet is srs bizness, pal?
At least jester takes some effort. Some teenage phoneposter le epix trollan' can no effort huhpost inbetween his masturbation sessions on /b/ and /trash/. It's just plain retarded.