I’m leaning towards Taco Bell and McDonald’s

I’m leaning towards Taco Bell and McDonald’s

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Jack in the box.

Nah, it's only Checker/Rally

McDonalds is number 2, no one touches them, but Checker/Rally fries are truly unique and above even them

Imagine being so fat that you've tried all of these fries

its a cross between hardees (carl jr) and kfc

Checkers is the only answer

yea but i can always taste slight traces of funnel cake or cinnamon. they fry everything in the same vat of oil

Culvers crinkle cut fires were here. The rest of you can go to hell.

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i like wendy and arby

kfc = tacobell

this list is shit

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they add the cinnamon after it's fried, it's in your head user
rallys has the best fries, arby's a far away second. then who cares about third

Whoa those fries must be great. So great you have to cover them in a pound of slop to enjoy them. Dumbass.

specialty fry dishes don't count you fucking idiot

>Yes I'd like some fries
>Also if you could have a cat puke onto it that'd be wonderful

Checkers and Five Guys
I've never tried taco bell fries but it probably is good

I'm not sure about best, but BK and In n Out are objectively the worst

McDonalds done right from 20 years ago was untouchable, but they don't coat the fires in beef tallow.
Still up there, though. I go pretty much exclusively for the free large fry with any purchase coupons that pop up.

In n out fries fucking suck, dude. If youre going to meme based on geography, at least do it right.
Double dipped five guy fries (ask em when not busy) are cheap and insanely good. Thenburgers are overpriced meh, though.

>but BK
If they cleaned/changed the fryer oil more often at BK they might be half way decent

I've never understood the complaints with in n out's normal fries. I get them well done and add salt+pepper and I think they're top notch. I'll have to give the double dipped fries a try, though. What is it exactly?

They still have some weird artifical potato flavor that's coats your mouth, hard to describe... Not sure if that's due to not changing the oil or what

Takes two seperate baths in the oil. In n out might do that if you ask for well done. Makes a huge difference.

KFC is #1
Arby's coming in at #2

Wendy's you clods

Anyone who thinks Rally's fries are better than Popeye's is retarded.

worst: KFC and wendy's

best: McD's and arbys

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Checkers, hand down.

best are mcdonalds and wendys easily

I worked at BW3 a couple years ago for a week and they use beef tallow in their fryers. just putting that out there

Imagine being so underage that you haven't happened on these in your 15 year life

>eating fast food

The Bell.

mein neigger

>that time it was 3 am and all that was 24 hours was jack in the box and it was both expensive and fucking disgusting but you were drunk and needed food

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I had a gf that worked there. Got turned off when I got some frozen ass riblet that tasty like a fish mcrib. Bitch black manager didn't even bother to comp after I complained. Was probably used to " BITCH, GIMME FREE SHIT" there in that area, to be fair.
A couple of the dry rub wings were good, though.

a new challenger appears...

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Five Guys

>Fries so good, you have to cover them in a half pound of bullshit

>t. never tried animal style fries

the best sweet potato fries are rarely as good as mediocre regular fries

Arby's > Chick fil A > Maccys > Popeyes >>>> Cancer >>>> Everything else >>>> KFC's bullshit fries

Popeye's the sleeper hit, as usual.

ranking the ones in the OP that i've had
mcdicks >wendy's > arby's > popeye's > taco bell/kfc (same fries in leafistan) > burger kang

>42 posts
>only one mention of Chick Fil A
I really wish their fries were better, their sandwiches rule but the fries go cold in like 2 minutes

>going to A&W
>ordering fries instead of onion rings
The fuck is wrong with you?

a&w onion rings are too steaky
harvey's are the god-tier onion rings, but a&w still has the better seasoning

You don’t like onion, do you?


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I'll never understand this attitude. Why is it that of you put anything on anything else, it means that the original thing must have been bad?

Popeyes fries are objectively the best of any fastfood place.

>t. never tried animal style fries
Trust me, they're waaay overrated. Tried both styles, with and without onions, both were lousy. In-n-Out fries are really no big deal, I never order them. The single cheeseburger is good and all 3 flavors of shakes are out of this world great, the best. The Coke's are great too, different from other fast-food places. That's it.

peanut oil makes them tasty and always having malt vinegar on hand is great

>pea"nut" oil

Feminine nuts

culver's crinkle cut are the only crinkle cuts that i like
every other restaurants that serves it are shit


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>Was probably used to " BITCH, GIMME FREE SHIT" there in that area, to be fair
keep thinking that user, but seriously every nigger is racist. you better be white if you know what's good for you (and Me)!
>A couple of the dry rub wings were good, though
it's because it was cooked in Beef Fat

Hardees Curly
Taco Bell
Burger King
Hardees Regular
Chick Fil A

From best fries to worst

I think that Popeyes edges out Checkers, but just barely.

Everyone else is playing catch-up.

checkers and wendys

Sweet potato anything is awful get out.

This is a joke, waffle fries ftw

Checkers, Arbys, and Taco Bell are really the only ones I'll order because i'm not a huge potato fan

Yeah that's weird how out of nowhere suddenly Taco Bell started making great fries.

we just got taco bell frys here and they are like crack for a dollar you get the frys and cheese.

Fuck you, sweet potato makes good deserts

At their peak, Chic-fil-a
At their average, Arby's
At their worst, McDonald's

I'd choose the natural cut ones, because they were naturally cut before they were soaked in an unnatural oil and put in an unnatural container

Seriously Wendy's cut that shit out.. I feel second hand embarrassment hearing "our food is ripe tomato fresh teehehee"

I didn't even know A&W was still in business.

Spotted the wanker

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Mmm mmm. Got love the potatoey crispness of chic fil A's waffle fries. Checkers, a large seasoned curly is hard to beat. But Mc Dick's, well Mc Dick's runs fry town

Not him, but in n out fries aren’t special without the slop

>Muh nature

>imagine having this shit taste

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This. Get them well done. Otherwise shit gets gross quickly. Especially with a bathtub full of thousand island dressing on top. Well done with cheese for me.


>buy McDonald's fires on the way home from work
>get stuck in a bit of traffic for 5-10 minutes
>enjoy your cold, limp, tasteless carb sticks
McDonald's fries are so fucking overrated.

>Taco Bell started making great fries
I ordered the triple layer nacho and was given an order of fries instead. the flavor was nice but there was zero crunch/crispiness.
soft limp fries are great has never been said

McDicks and Jack in the crack