Is pork in meals culturally insensitive?

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please leave twitter discussions on twitter.



As long as you clearly inform those interested in eating it that it has pork it seems fine to me.

I mean I know the site's right-wing as fuck and most of the thread is going to make up a bunch of imaginary muslim/sjw strawmen who are enraged to the point of madness by pigs existing but w/e.

IT's not insensitive, even the Coran authorize pork if it's for survival.

>As long as you clearly inform those interested in eating it that it has pork it seems fine to me.

Uk is an orwellian shithole.

why the fuck are pork hating mudslimes doing asking for a free meal?

fuck off.

working for a living is haram

It sucks that they're white nationalists but it's cool that they're feeding homeless people

This. Inbred muslims live comfortably off the government, only whites are homeless in the UK.

I've stopped eating beef and lamb.

I've switched to pork for every red meat meal

great on my wallet, great on my health, great for CHRISTENDOM

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>people giving food to the homeless
>retard on twitter scratching his hemorroids thinks its bad

Who gives a shit retard

Even if they're not informed it's not considered a sin in Islam to unknowingly eat pork or any other haram food. It's only sinful if you do so knowingly and willingly (i.e. without being forced due to starvation/poverty/threat of death).

I mean if they're not telling them then it is shitty just because it's a bunch of white nationalists probably giggling and cummong themselves at the thought of having damned a bunch of evil mudslimes in the eyes of their own God, but even assuming Islam is correct no damnation actually happened. In fact it's a win-win in that case; the impoverished got food, and Identitarians got good points with Allah due to having performed Zaakat (Charity).

You just figured that out?

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Not a big pol lover, but boy that guy is a soyboy if I've ever seen one


Brits haven't hung their politicians why?

Not true. If they eat pork they have to drink the blood of three Christian children to repent. It's right there in the Koran, clear as day for anybody willing to take my word for it without bothering to factcheck.