Making chicken Parmesan

Making chicken Parmesan

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Is that a question, statement, huh?

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is bread a train or is train a bread

>huh?-poster confirmed for being a retarded foamer
why am i not surprised.

looking good so far OP. that's a thick breast or it looks to be. that you butterflied? what cheese you gonna burn on top? put some color on that cheese OP?!!!

this made me laugh entirely too hard

I literally tried my hardest, hope the photo doesn’t flip again

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clean your peas.

Looks yummy. Spaghetti looks uninspired but the chicken looks good.
Also your phone stores rotation position in the EXIF data, which Veeky Forums automatically strips out now. So if your phone is turned when you take the picture, it'll upload rotated.

It was butterflied and hammered. It’s pretty damn good. This is my first time ever cooking this. Next time I’ll turn the broiler on to get color on cheese

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Which do you think is better chicken parm or veal parm? Breadcrumbs or panko? What kind of cheese? Do you put oregano or parsley in the breadcrumbs? Fry in butter and olive oil or just olive oil? Do you like the parm to stay crispy, or do you bake it in the sauce after frying so the breading meat or veg and cheese meld and become cassorole-like, like an Italian eggplant parm?

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You burnt your butter, dude.

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Looks really good. I would try baking the chicken in a pan with some sauce next time, not just sauce on top. Peas look a little overcooked too.

I used only olive oil, should I have added butter? I have unsalted butter too, dammit. I’ll try that next time

yeah that cheese looks not good to say the least. what kind of cheese did you use?
when I make chicken parm. I like to use a three cheese blend. well four, Romano, pecarino, Parmesan, and add mozzarella. also I love a pink sauce instead of straight red sauce so I add half alfredo half red sauce and mix it up before putting it under the cheese and on the noodles
I would still eat it and love what you made OP

Yea I over cooked the peas a bit. I baked it in a pan, just wanted the crust to stay crispy

>trainbread didn't end up in a soup station
missed opportunity desu

drowning in sauce that you didn't properly cook onto the spaghetti

cheese looks like plastic

shit bread

peas look undercooked

slot of shit/10

>Chicken or veal?
Chicken. I'm not a huge fan of veal
>Breadcrumbs or panko
>Oregano or parsley
>Butter or Olive oil
>Crispy or Casserole like
Crispy, fuck that mushy shit.


The oil looks like browned butter with flecks of char in it. Maybe your heat is too high. I'd filet the chicken in half to make it thinner and lower the heat slightly maybe. You could use a chunk of butter in there, but it's just for flavor/ so whatever your flavor preference.

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>cheese looks like plastic
it seriously does! just tell us the cheese you used so we don't make that mistake OP. it's the least you can do
why the fuck after ten pm I gotta start answering captcha bull shit fuck this shit?

Chicken or veal?
I like the veal.
>Breadcrumbs or panko
>Oregano or parsley
A little oregano + fresh parsley
>Butter or Olive oil
>>Crispy or Casserole like
>>Crispy, fuck that mushy shit.
That's what I say.

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looks pretty tasty *licks lips*
mind if i have a bite *winks*
don't show that shit to peyton

I'm sure it was amazing. I'm just an Italian snob from New Jersey.

I think it’s just the breadcrumbs that fell off the breading

How bout burrata cheese. Mario Batali uses burrata cheese and marinara over a chicken fried milanese style.

I used block mozzarella.... sry. Next time I’ll buy the real thing. Like I said it’s the first time I’ve tried this. I watched a couple YouTube vids. Next time I’ll splurge and buy the real deal. Thanks for the tips guys. Next time I cook this I’ll post.

looks great, kind of a huge portion and I'm skeptical of the beverage choice but otherwise gr9

Congrats, user. You made a shit Italian-American dish. Set your sights a little higher next time.

It was better than most of the shit I’ve been eating lately desu senpai.

On second thought I think the portion size looks huge because the flipped picture is messing with my eyes

mozzarella is mozzarella, I've just never seen that plastic look with it. I would still eat it and love it. it's just the first question I asked. no need to be sorry

I’m sure the stuff I got is bottom of the barrel. I’m gonna buy the stuff that’s rounded in a ball or whatever next time.

I should try veal again. Now that I think of it the first and last time I had veal was when I ate veal oscar last year.

the thing with mozz is it usually melts nice. thats about the only quality it has. thats why I like to add it to a three cheese blend. it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor. I'd just use that block or preshredded added to some parm blend. usually block cheese is better than preshredded though.
you didn't broil it so that may be the reason it looks the way it does in your pic. chicken parm is one of my faves on a sandwich, by itself or with noodles.

I hope you do post your next chicken parm user. I bet it'll be really tasty and look even better. Thanks for the good OC.

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Dry the breading more with a paper towel out of the pan if you're photographing. Peas with chicken parm? Really? I'd suggest more parmesan cheese. The spaghetti looks depressing. I suggest rolling them into tubes, like Gordon Ramsay does in his parmesan tutorial. That better not be pre-made sauce... Also, get some fresh parsley and garnish with that. And grate a little parmesan on the spaghetti. The contrast those provide will make all the difference in presentation. I'd personally have more sauce on the chicken, too.

>Chicken or Veal
Veal. I'm a sucker for veal.
>Breadcrumbs or Panko?
>What kind of cheese
High quality parmesan in the breadcrumbs, grated somewhat coarsely. High quality mozerella on top, with a little parmesan grated over top
>Do you put oregano or parsley in the breadcrumbs
I'm not the biggest fan of oregano with Italian dishes, DESU. If I use it, I use it lightly.
>butter and olive oil or just olive oil
My palette can't notice a difference. Olive oil.
>crispy, or casserole
Crispy. Nigga wtf all about texture juxtaposition

I sautéed minced onions and garlic in some olive oil, then added crushed tomatoes. Reduced a bit then added salt pepper, oregano and basil.

Go somewhere with a real italian family running it, with a father of the restaurant who takes pride in his kitchen. You will NOT be disappointed in the veal at a place like that.

>tfw the place down the street from me stopped serving veal because we're a small town and the owner couldn't justify to himself constantly buying veal that he had to throw out if people happened to not buy it

Veal is such an awesome flavor experience. It's hard to describe how different it is from normal beef.

I was just hoping you weren't using jarred stuff. Almost looked like it. I haven't made tomato sauce in forever, but there's something major missing here. Let me think.