Would it be too fat of me to go to BK twice in one day?

Would it be too fat of me to go to BK twice in one day?

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no, three times yes

Get a small double cheese with no fries and soda, not even 1000 calories in total!

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son, we've all been there. i used to live in dorm-style apts between an airport and an arby's. i was drunk all the time, surrounded by single 30-something men, probably serial killers. needless, to say, there were at least 20 days where i ate OG roast beefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. i used to disguise myself sometimes. prob the most surreal year of my life, but there ya go.

Depends on how much you order each time.

It would be too fat to eat fast food twice in three days

no it would be too retarded of you because BK is shit

go to wendys instead

This. At least switch up the fast food places if you're going to binge.

It isn't hard to open a can of tuna and make a sandwich with lettuce and tomato (with optional mayo).
A walk through the supermarket might even do you some good.
Or better yet, walk TO the supermarket.

You can do this!


sometimes u gotta go back for dessert u know

There must be a viral marketing campaign here from Wendys. Easily the worst fast food joint bar none

I know that 2 for 6 Whopper and Chicken sandwhich deal is insane

man, don't encourage him. geez louise

This is way too much to eat for me in a day, and I'm chubby, but bout to go full fat/poor enabler.
Ask for coupon 6300 ($5, 2 whopper juniors, 2 small drinks, 2 small fries), 2 Whoppers ($6), and 10-20 nuggets ($1.60 per, and will usually give 3+ sauce each if you ask, depending on if good, okay or shitty area).
Easily enough to feed 3 people. The two whopper juniors are actually more filling than the whopper alone.

Yes get some real food in your diet

Someone has to get a soda or whatever from the fridge, though. But you can split fries and nuggets. Beer always on hand at my place.

What about deenz

this lad knows

Knows what?

Why BK? Why not Checkers, five guys, chik fil a??

how to break free from the cycle via canned fish
why didn't you just say, huh?

No joke, I like to shit my pants in fast food joints

son, we've all been there

Really? I just make sure to eat a lot and use a suppository before I go out.

Are you fat?
If so then it is too fat of you to go to BK once in one day.

Stop wasting your money on this garbage.
Literally paying pimple faced teens and middle age drug addicts to give you food that cuts hours of your lifespan.

fucking kek.
very nice

>tfw just ate an entire large bag of chips in one sitting
I've been dreading the day I finally break that barrier. It's all downhill from here.

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nigga thats me every day lmao
I weigh 20kg more than I should, fuck me

son, we've all been there.

Make sure to shit your pants in a walmart. Sort of waft the smell around too.

>Not counting your calories so that you can do that without guilt every once in a while

>not being a skeleton

>without guilt
Where's the fun in that?

you can sleep yer head at night, user

I do not eat beefburgers.