Is veganism the ultimate redpill or is it just another plot to make more soy boys?

Is veganism the ultimate redpill or is it just another plot to make more soy boys?

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It’s a meme.

>I am not an animal.
What did he mean by this?

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I love good veg. Any day, every day.

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Humans literally took an evolutionary shortcut to brain development through adapted carnivorious behavior to increase protein intake and cooking to denature proteins.
Apes just now catching on.
Plus, dude is 90% chance geared looking at his legs, which admittedly look good. Bet he needs like twice the supplements and juice, though.

To add, almost every herbivore is an opportunistic carnivore, be it bugs, mice, shrews, or chicks that happen to get caught in their maw or disable near them.
>"most herbivores can digest meat quite well," said study co-author Michael Hofrieter, a geneticist also at the Max Planck Institute. "It just does not work the other way around

>eating meat made us smarter
>but that doesn't apply to other meat eating animals
>just us because we're special!
yes, dear. and don't let anybody tell you anything different.

See:It's literally mentioned in the articles. Most obligate herbivores will totally eat fresh meat if it can't fight back or escape, and get a fat dopamine release off it.
Complicated digestive system evolved just to be able to eat plants because they can't run.

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r e a d i n g
h u h

You done, ad hom boy? Frugivores going carnivore isnt that unnatural, considering we left trees as arborial primates.
There's not much protein in fruit.

Both. The goal of veganism is to create a class of humans that only eat plants: once meat production becomes untenable, they will be turned into cattle for the meat eaters. like in H.G. Well's The Time Traveler. Trust me, my dad works at the Illuminati.


I would bet all of my worldly possessions that a single Lion could take down a gorilla, buffalo and an elephant single handed

Vegans have more testosterone on average than meat eaters...and this is a scientific fact.

where is this scientific fact located?

in the same hole he hides his testosterone

>i still can't figure it out
what makes humans so special?
your claim is that eating meat miraculously made us smarter than every other animal and that moment, when a hairy wild man ate a steak, was the pivotal moment in human history that made us evolve into the dominant beings that we are today.

but we're not the only ones who ate meat. so why didn't sharks evolve to be the dominant tree climbers?

You sound like the Christians that yell "how can we have evolved from monkeys if monkeys still exist?"

ok. but that's not an answer.

Holy fuck I love this post

But sharks have evolved to be the deadliest predator of the ocean...

I guess roids are vegan then.

Vegan is just a marketing ploy to get people from eating calorie intense foods which generally meats, dairy products, and such contain. So people lose weight quick and easy since, get this, they are eating less calories.

only in the shallows, tho.

killer whales reign supreme in the water.
but there are very few vegetarian sea animals.

none of thios is relevant tho.

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>soy boys

This window will close in...

>killer whales reign supreme in the water.
We all must have forgotten the massive vegan diet they eat.

when were humans ever exclusively vegan?

>so why didn't sharks evolve to be the dominant tree climbers?
Because they didn't have arms and legs?
Because they didn't eat beef?

>they didn't have arms and legs
Prove it.

>Vegans have more testosterone on average than meat eaters
Then why aren't all the great powerlifters vegans?
All the great Olympic wrestlers?
All the great boxers?

killer whales, sharks, and very early humans evolved together at some stage. we're all animals of the sea. yet humans were forced onto ground by the stronger predators of the sea.
we ran away, and that made us adapt to our new environment while those stronger sea predators kept evolving in their own environment.

eating meat had nothing to do with our developement because we alway ate meat. we simply developed new ways to catch it in our new habitat. and that development made us smarter than those earlier predators, simply because we needed to be. but we're still not as smart as dolphins.

>we evolved to eat meat
is wrong.

granted, i'm using broscience but i think i'm right. prove me righter.

It's a fucking meme. All the supposed health benefits even if I grant them everything they claim is completely wiped out and then a whole lot more by the extra time, money and effort spent eating like that to achieve the same result.

Living to 81 vs. 79 isn't really beneficial spending 45 minutes extra a day on your food in one form or fashion.

Sharks are no match for Killer Whales so why haven't they run out of the sea?

p. sure they made a mutual agreement to stay out of each other's way.

sharks lurk by the coasts while the true leaders stay in the flyover waters

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"The world's strongest animals are plant-eaters"
Why don't they teach science at school again?

Also, we do not have the ability to produce certain biochemical components (such as certain aminoacids), and we lack the microbiome required to be truly vegan. We needed meat and fire so that we could start the agricultural revolution and settle; without that event, people who chose to be vegan (if any) would die of malnutrition.

>sure they made a mutual agreement to stay out of each other's way.
Not true, Orcas toss Great White's around like they're seals. Killer Whales don't need to make agreements with anyone.

>everyone sperging out about eating meat and forgetting that it was COOKING the meat that gave us the boost
Raw meat is far harder and more demanding to process, whereas cooked meat is easily digestible nourishment.

at this point, you're just fucking b8 m8. literally learn to read, or try some better b8

It will dramatically improve the quality of your shits due to the sheer volume of extra fibre you take in but it isn't sustainable without taking supplements.

Your menu is pretty limited and the seasonal availability and quality of fresh produce can make eating pretty miserable as well if there's a dish you really like that you can't even make for half the year.

I think it's worth eating more vegan-type dishes but not committing to 100%

>isn't sustainable without taking supplements
only b12 is needed. everything else is unironically not an argument.

Seasonal availability is not really thing anymore though. If you want you can get anything at any time. It won't be as good and fresh and it's shit ecologically but you can get your tropical fruits in deep winter too. Agreed with the main point though, there's no real reason to go 100% vegan.


I meant that limited menu thing, it's not true in first world countries. You can make any dish in any season.

It really depends where you live, throughout spring it's almost impossible for me to find fresh onions that don't look like they've rolled under a lawnmower and there are times when bell peppers are 4-5 times more expensive than normal.